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June 2019

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You know you’re meant for more. But for whatever reason you can’t break through the inner glass ceiling.

The thought that you’ll be exactly where you are today in a year scares the shit out of you.

Maybe you carry shame around not having accomplished what you set out to do

So many projects started. None finished. Or maybe you are a finisher but there’s this ONE goal that no matter how hard you try you can’t achieve it and it frustrates the crap out of you because you’re a high achiever and inconsistency is not your jam.

You are not where you wanna be.

You are a high achiever and executive at heart but man, failure hits you hard and you wish you could just dust it off quickly and be all like “bring it” and play even more fearlessly.

You are struggling with the ”how” to become the person you need to become in order to achieve massive success.

You want a transformation. You really do.

You’ve heard about mindfulness, but aren’t really sure how it works (or if it works at all!). You don’t understand HOW mindfulness will help you perform better and get to Point B faster. So you dismiss it.

How do you get unstuck?  How do you become ultra-resilient? You don’t have time to waste, you want fast results.

The truth is that the capacity to experience extreme resilience and inner peace CAN be learned, practiced and even mastered. Curiosity, grounding and embodiment of the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought will unlock a realm of possibility in your life and your relationships you have only dreamt of.

You can’t dissolve the internal blocks that are keeping you in the same old negative pattern by lighting candles, positive affirmations or going to a healing session here and there. The brain can only be rewired with the power of the mind and to do so it takes dedicated practice and knowledge of how to actually do it.

Deep down you want to create the impossible, but you don’t know where to start looking or which direction to take.

You wish someone could show you how to create your own reality.


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I’m Fernanda.

If you feel you’ve tried everything to get your creative mojo flowing and step up to the next level but you feel lost and have no idea where to begin, then you’re in the right place. I won’t tell you the answers and steps to reach your goals and dreams (because I don’t have them). I will, however, be your guide and point you in the right direction.



Whether you’re:

  • A super successful person who’s achieved great success in life and professionally, but wants to stop struggling with yourself, with life and with the world and dreams of a different way of doing life

  • An entrepreneur or professional looking to live life with more ease and joy and wants to achieve what seems like the one impossible goal (massive success!)

  • A high achiever wanting to explore a new understanding of how to show up in life and play the game of life at a higher level in a more fearless and fierce way

This retreat will broaden your capacity to create a life you love and it will open up a door to inner endless possibilities.

You’ll resurface with a radical different way of living, doing and most importantly BEING.

Who this is for:

  • People who wants to stop the hustle and struggle and enter a world of creativity and power that you’ve previously believed was unavailable to you

  • People who are ready to grow and expand to a higher level of consciousness

  • People who want to learn what drives creativity and the human experience

  • People who want to be fierce leaders of their own (inner) worlds

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A Journey to Self Mastery

A transformative retreat that will break all the rules on goal setting and teach you how to rewire the way you think about high performance and mastering the the game of life.

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During our 5-days together you’ll:

  • Become aware of your deep limiting beliefs and you’ll release every single block that’s holding you back

  • Receive customized coaching throughout the 5-days so that you leave the retreat with a deep shift in mindset

  • Accelerate your capacity to bounce back from ANY set-back

  • Unleash the courage to stand in your own worth and never ever hold back again

  • Have created a vision that will inspire you to take daily action

  • Set yourself up for success and achieve what you believe is impossible for you


The Tellus Retreat

June 3-7 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

✶Accommodation for the 5 days in Stockholm (Monday June 3 through Friday June 7)✶

✶Personal coaching with me in a small intimate setting✶

✶Bonding time with other amazing high-performers✶

✶Beautiful food and eating experiences in a city that is unforgettable✶

✶A unique experience that can change the trajectory of your life forever✶

✶Surprise experiences and adventures during the 5-days! Be ready to have FUN & TO BE BLOWN AWAY!✶


(payment plan available)

Details: All food and accommodation, plus experiences & coaching is included in the fee. What is NOT included is airfare tickets to Stockholm, Sweden.

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