Fernanda Lind

It’s Time to Get Resourceful!

Our clients use a combination of funding options to get into the program and finally get what they want most, freedom!

Most of our clients use at least one (or more) of the below resources.

Start with Option #1 and work your way down!

1. Credit Cards and Debit Cards

2. Combine Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Split payment among multiple cards, for any amount.

3. Get an Extension on Your Credit Card Limit

Request an extension on your current credit card limit from your card issuer. They won’t grant it unless you ASK!  

4. PayPal Credit

Many of our clients use PayPal Credit. After an easy application process, get approved for between $200-$6,000 instantly in your PayPal account. PayPal Credit allows you 6 months to pay back with no interest or fees. (Best for at least 600 credit score, although you should apply NO MATTER WHAT because we’ve seen all scores, and no scores, get approved.)

If you already have a Paypal Credit account, ask us to invoice you. Paypal may give you an increase on your available credit.



If you have a spouse, apply with both YOUR information/SSN and then apply again with your spouse’s information. Sometimes this is the key to getting funding!

5. Square Installments

Square Installments is a program that allows you to make small payments over 6, 9 or 12 months. Ask us to invoice you on Square and we will be happy to walk you through the application. Square is only available to 15 states at this time.

6. Open a Credit Card (NerdWallet)

NerdWallet is a master application for credit cards and loans that tells you which ones you’re most likely to get approved for up front, based on your credit score. Use the search engine in NerdWallet and apply for the cards they recommend.


7. Apply for an “easy-to-get” Credit Card

The below cards are easy to get. Some have no credit check. Others require no credit. Apply for multiple cards, until you get approved. If you have a low credit score, or no credit, apply for these 2 cards first - Green Dot then OpenSky.

1. Green Dot Visa: https://wallethub.com/d/primor-credit-card-940c/  

Easiest Card to Get. No Minimum Credit Score

2. OpenSky Secured Visa: https://wallethub.com/d/open-sky-credit-card-503c/

Good for No Credit

After applying for those 2 cards, apply for these 3 cards (in order):

1. Credit One Platinum Visa: https://wallethub.com/d/credit-one-credit-card-676c/

2. First Progress Platinum Elite: https://wallethub.com/d/first-progress-platinum-elite-mastercard-726c/

3. FingerHut Credit: https://wallethub.com/d/fingerhut-credit-2313c/

8. Blispay

If your credit score is less then 700, Blispay is a great option! Blispay is personal loans for “not-so-good” credit. Our clients have been approved for $2K up to $20K. When approved, a digital “card” number will be emailed to you, that works like a credit card.


9. Withdraw from 401K

Cash out part of your 401K or IRA. Check if your 401K allows loans against the balance.

10. Craigslist – sell items you have around the home

The average person has $20,000 of personal belongings they don’t use, from furniture, to old cell phones to electronics! Turn that stuff into instant CASH by listing it on Craigslist.

11. Ask Family and Friends for Loan

Sometimes family and friends make the best investors (with the best terms)! We have thousands of people we’ve met in our lifetime. They don’t know we need help until we ask. It all starts with asking. They can only give you 3 answers – yes, no or maybe. Eventually, one will say yes! Offer to pay them 10% interest.

Also, who owes YOU money? Collect on money owed to you. Almost everyone is owed by someone.

12. Kabbage (if they have a business)

Flexible Small Business Loans with 6 or 12-month repayment terms. Our students have been approved for up to $25k. 10-minute application process. (Requires a registered business with a Business Tax ID.)


13. Apply for a Loan

“NOT-SO-GOOD” CREDIT? Use Credit Karma

Many of our clients have been approved for loans with under 600 credit score or NO credit score.

The below lenders will lend up to $5K!


Go to CreditKarma.com and click “Loans”. Select “Personal Loans”. They have a list of 40+ lenders. Apply for ALL of them.



Accion - http://us.accion.org/

Prosper - https://www.prosper.com/

Avant - https://www.avant.com/landing/creditkarma?SubID=32117287065

Zopa - https://www.zopa.com/

FastCapital360 – fastcapital360.com

Upstart - https://www.upstart.com/?utm_campaign=ckv1&utm_source=credit_karma&utm_medium=cpfl&partner_id=1&partner_sub_id=32115247806

Fundbox – fundbox.com

eFunding Now – efundingnow.com

Upstart – upstart.com

15. AirBNB - Rent Your Spare Room/Home/Den

Rent out a spare bedroom, den or lving room in your home. Make $50-$300+ a night by renting out your spare room or home on AirBNB.

Just have a couch / air mattress?...  https://www.couchsurfing.com/

16. Turo - Rent Your Car

Rent your car on Turo for $30-$100+ a day.

Visit Turo.com. Click “List Your Car”

17. Drive for Uber or Lyft

18. Teach Kids Online with VIPKid

Get paid $14-$22 an hour to teach Chinese kids through VIPKid.


Click “Sign Up”

19. Deliver Packages for Amazon

If you live in an “Amazon Flex” city, deliver packages for Amazon and make $18-$25/hour.


20. Deliver Groceries for Burpy or Shipt

Earn up to $22/hour delivering groceries for Shipt (Nationwide, 40+ Cities)


Make up to $25/hour delivering groceries for Burpy. (Currently in Texas - Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth. More cities coming soon.)


21. Offer your services on Fiverr or Upwork

Offer your skills or services on Fiverr or Upwork.