You Don’t Need Support to Lose Weight. Here’s Why.

You don’t need support to lose weight. Here’s why.

Are you a support group aficionado?

Looking back, do you see a long history of different kinds of support groups of varying forms to help you lose weight and help you not regain all the weight?

Let me take this question one step further, did it help? Like long-term help?

…thought so.

Here’s what I believe

I don’t believe you need support groups to lose weight. I believe that groups that claim you need them to lose weight and to keep the weight off are bordering onto cult-ish mentality. I believe they are using fear-based tactics to get you to stay (and pay).

I believe we, as human beings, are per default self-sufficient. I believe we are fully capable of losing weight on our own. That we are fully capable of ending the struggle with food, find inner peace and thrive...all by ourselves. That doesn’t by any mean say that we don’t belong together or that hanging out in groups is unnecessary. On the contrary, groups are awesome, and we DO BELONG TOGETHER. But the togetherness comes out of love and a feeling of belonging in a community with shared values. It should come out of empowerment and not out of fear…it’s a huge difference here.

We have so much power within us

If we just get a glimpse of that immense power, we understand that we don’t need support. Because here's what I believe. We have all the support ourselves. We can give ourselves everything we need. Implying that being with others should be free of expectations and neediness. Being with others is instead an open, enjoyable and loving experience. It becomes a place of acceptance without expectations. It’s the ultimate way of surrendering. Surrendering to what life has to offer and to what others have to give.

Being with each other, without needing each other

This is why I believe when groups preach that you must show loyalty to them by staying within the group and that you’ll fail if you leave, implies that we as people are weak. That we as individuals can’t succeed and that we are hopeless cases.

I want to make this clear.

You are not weak.

You are not hopeless.

You never were.

You are strong and resilient

You are a shining supernova, and you don’t need support of any form. You might need guidance. You might need someone to point you in the right direction. You might need someone to help you see that you are totally fine, that you are ok, healthy and full of wisdom (in case you had forgotten). But you don’t need “support.” Trust me.

Should you belong to a group? YES

Find your tribe, love them hard and empower everyone to stand on their own. Empower each other to succeed. That's what we were meant to do.

It comes back to the simple fact that we believe whatever we tell ourselves. If what we hear is “you can’t make it on your own, you’re hopeless” then that’s what will be.

If we tell ourselves; “I can stand on my own two feet. I’m a badass”. Then that’s what will be.

Your choice.

Both are your alternatives. The direction your life will take, depends on which one you choose to believe in.

I made my choice.