When Fear Holds you Back

Claim your inner power.png

Let me awaken you. Right here and right now. With the risk of you hitting the unsubscribe button and losing many readers, I’m calling you out on your own bullshit. Let me stand in your fear, with you, and hold you to your truth. Let me stand in the fire with you and most importantly let me show you what this is costing you already.

You are addicted to your own suffering. 

You say you want change. You say you want to end your struggle. You say you’re sick and tired of missing out on life. Missing out on opportunities. Missing out on friendships and deep relationships. Missing out on hitting your goals and dreams. But when the solution is standing right in front of you, you refuse to take it

You’re scared shitless. I get it. I truly do. I was in your shoes too. Afraid. What if this doesn’t work? What does that say about me? Your identity is at stake here and the thought of it crumbling scares the crap out of you.

But here’s where I come in. I refuse to be dragged down to your crap. I refuse to be caught up in your drama. I refuse to believe any of it. What I will do is hold you to your vision. Fiercely and protectively. Because I know that beneath all that fear what you truly want and long for is freedom. You know it too.

We need to start speaking more to the truth. We need to have hard conversations. We need to stop sugar coating every word for fear of not offending another person. Truth cuts deep. Truth shows us what our suffering is costing us and what we’re missing out on. Truth heals. Truth holds you to your vision and truth shows the path to real transformation.

Hey, if you’re still looking for the quick fix and band-aid solution then stop right here and move on. You won’t find it here.

Think about it. How many years have you already wasted looking for quick fixes? How many years have you already wasted with old-style approaches like ”planning better”, ”more willpower” and ”rule-based living”? We’ve all tried it and we all know that change doesn’t work like that.

So why on earth do you keep looking there? Why do we keep looking for a solution in the place where change never can happen?

We need to understand where change actually happens. We need to understand our minds at a deeper level for us to be able to change and have a transformation from within.

Nothing will ever change for you if you don’t grasp this. You’ll still be stuck looking for the magic potion that is gonna fix you in all the wrong places. It’s gonna get worse.

Let me repeat that, it’s gonna get even worse

Let me invite you to walk through fear. Let me invite you to take a deep breath and feel the fear and the panic that arises and to walk through it. Be willing to redefine everything you believed was true. About yourself and about the world. Let me invite you to stand up and rise to your full power. Let me invite you to stand up for what you know deep down as truth and claim it once and for all. 

If you want change then rise to it.

Nothing will ever change unless you acknowledge that what you’ve been doing this far hasn’t worked. Nothing will change unless you acknowledge that you can’t figure it out on your own. Nothing will change unless you admit that you’re still looking in the wrong direction and that maybe you got it all wrong.

But things will start to shift rapidly as soon as you open up your mind to saying yes. Saying yes to trying something that you haven’t tried before. Saying yes to the untapped power within you that is waiting for you to claim it. Saying yes to a transformation so deep that it changes you at the core of your being.

Saying yes to your vision. To your goals and dreams. Pursuing what you were meant to do. 

And all you have to do is walk through fear.  Move towards what you know to be the truth. Whenever you’re ready to rise to your own power, the universe will respond immediately.

But you have to take that one brave first step.

Your call.