The way things should be

life is exactly as it should be

Wanna have the best life possible?

Wanna wake up every morning smiling like a lunatic?

Wanna live a life where you channel your inner Jack Dawson 24/7?

Then stop arguing with reality.

Stop it. Right now. I can hear you arguing as I type this. Stop it.

Living under the idea that life should turn out a certain way or that things should be done a certain way, is a ticket to the Titanic. Slow suffering and the outcome is inevitable.

You're going down.

Every single time you struggle. Every single time you're suffering. Every single time you're stuck is because you're believing things should be different. You're arguing with the ways things are. You're telling yourself (and probably the people around you too if we're gonna be honest here) that things are not ok. Not right. Things should be happening differently. Things should be different. They should be different. They are doing things the wrong way. You're saying that "life is not turning out as it should." 


Depression. Anger. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Arguing with the way things are, with the way life turns out, shapes your actions and most importantly limits your ability to proceed. Your mind is cluttered with "the way things should be" thoughts. You're trapped in your own little dictatorship.

What happens is that nothing gets done. The result is a whole lot of nothing. 

You're not taking action.

You're not proceeding. You're not achieving what you're meant to achieve. You're not going for the things you want most. You stop doing what needs to be done to get you where you want to be. What happens is you give up trying. Which basically means you're stuck.

Fully surrendering to life as it is, as it truly is, is the best gift you can give yourself.

Instead of fighting with the events in your life and with the people that you spend time with, try to say to yourself "life is exactly as it should be." 

Life is always exactly as it should be.

Life turns out the way it's supposed to turn out.

You have no say in it.

Let's go through that again. Life turns out the way it's supposed to do. Life is always happening the way it is, whether you like it or not. So let me invite you to start liking it. Let me invite you to use a mental "like" button. And like the crap out of everything that happens in your life. Flat tire? Hit "like." Your kid tells you you're "the best mom ever." Hit "like." Doing the dishes? Hit "like." Paying taxes? Hit "like." Falling in love? "hit like." Getting fired? "Hit like."

Keep hitting "like" no matter what. Just try it. For one day. 

You'll experience the biggest transformation in one single day.

Because you'll uncover every story you tell yourself about how life should be or shouldn't be. And that my friend is a game changer.

When you start living in the world where things simply are the way they are, you're free. With freedom comes tremendous joy (back to the "I'm king of the world" reference). 

I'm guessing that joy was what you were looking for anyway, right? You kept arguing with everything as it was, which paradoxically prevented you from joy. Stop arguing with reality. Stop fighting life. Stop it right now. Shift your attention to what life is showing you instead. Without judgment if it's right or wrong. If it is as it should be or not. Without judgment that it should happen differently. 

Life is always exactly as it should be.

An everyday mantra. "Life is always exactly as it should be."

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