The Three Principles explained (Part 3)

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If you haven’t yet read the beginning of this series then go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 before you continue.

Let’s do a recap of The Three Principles.

The Three Principles are the foundations of all psychological functioning and they describe the human experience.

Or as Sydney Banks would put it:

”The Three Principles are the trinity of all psychological experience and with these Three Principles we weave our entire experience here on earth”.

First we talked about The Principle of Thought and the fact that we think. The fact that we are not our thoughts. Then we covered The Principle of Consciousness and the fact that we are aware. We are aware that we think and we are aware that we are not our thoughts.

Your emotions, your feelings are all product of the Three Principles. Do you see that? Take a moment and explore this truth. You are always using the Three Principles to create your own reality.

Now let’s dive into The Principle of Divine Mind or the fact that we are alive.

There is an energy field, an intelligence behind life that is formless and impersonal, Divine Mind, Universal Mind or you can call it Wisdom. This intelligence runs within us all and is innate. It comes as a default setting in every human being and here’s where all knowledge lies. Every answer you’re looking for is right there, within you.

”Universal Mind is the spiritual power that activates the human brain. Universal Mind is the greatest mysteries in earth” - Sydney Banks

The answers we’re looking for a not in the world outside but within. Every answer is available to you if you let  your personal thinking quiet down and let wisdom come through. It’s what’s been guiding you and showing you the way all this time. It’s what led you here, today to where you are now. Wisdom showing you the way, if you listen that is.

Because here’s where it gets interesting. When we listen to our own personal thinking instead is when we get into trouble. It’s when we believe our own thinking that we suffer, get depressed, have panic attacks and believe that every choice we make is about life and death. Should I eat a brownie or not? Should I say what I think or not? What will make me look cooler? What will people think? Let’s freak out! Hello personal thought.

Divine Mind is there beneath all this chatter and nonsense pointing us towards Truth. That we are ok regardless of what we do, have or say. Regardless of what people will think. Divine Mind points to the fact that we are resilient and that we have innate well being and that we are full of mental health. Divine Mind is there to show us what step to take in the moment, if we let it. If we step out of the way with our small personal thinking and try to figure out all the steps and instead leave it to the bigger intelligence to lead the way.

It’s about surrendering deeply to the fact I don’t have all the answers but that IF I step out of the way the answer will come to me. Yes, totally woo woo but oh so very true. Where do the answers come from? Contemplate this for a moment. Any good idea that you’ve had came ”out of the blue” didn’t it? Where is that blue? Every creative idea you’ve ever had was downloaded to you. Out of where?

Out of the bigger intelligence. Out of this field of energy that runs the universe. Like it or not. Believe in it or not. You can’t see it.  

Intellectually trying to understand this is kinda pointless. It just means you’ve understood something from the outside, from the world of form, what we see and hear. But insightful understanding of Mind is when you’ve experienced the bigger universal intelligence from within. Experiencing Divine Mind in action means you’ve experience where true knowledge exists.

Sydney Banks referred to wisdom as what lies deep within our psyche waiting to be uncovered. He pointed to the truth that everyone has mental health, wisdom, within their own being but that it’s just contaminated by their own personal thinking. Without our personal thinking something else deeper shines through.

An invisible spiritual energy. This invisible spiritual energy is what creates our own personal reality. Which implies that we all live in our own parallel realities, each and every one of us. We live in separate realities.

My human experience is not the same as your human experience. We are always and only, 100% of the time, experiencing our own thinking. Period. Like it or not. When we truly come to see this we have awakened. This is enlightenment. You wake up from the illusion created by Thought and you see the spiritual energy running the show.

That’s where life begins. That’s when the fun begins. That’s when the real experience begins.