Three Principles to rule them all (Part 1)

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Sometimes you stumble upon something that has a profound impact on your life. Sometimes you stumble upon Truth. Yes, Truth with a capital T. Truth that opens your eyes and reveals the big mysteries of life and awakens you to the fact that nothing is what it seems. That nothing ever was what it seemed.

This is what the Three Principles opens you up to. The Truth. The truth of how the human experience actually works.

Many years ago there was a man named Sydney Banks. He was not a seeker nor spiritual in any way. A welder, going about his life in a very ordinary way. Then one day he saw something so profound that would forever change his life and the life of those who he shared this understanding with. What he saw were three principles that explain how we experience our lives. He named them Thought, Consciousness, and Mind. These three principles are not ideas or beliefs. These are fundamental principles of how we as human beings experience life. These principles give us a factual understanding of the workings behind our human experience.

I must admit that I was a skeptic at first. Just like I’d probably would have been a skeptic to the idea of “gravity” if I’d lived hundreds of years ago, (and I’d be all like “That’s nonsense! An invisible force field? Where I can’t see it?!? I call bullshit!) I was very weary when I first stumbled upon Sydney Banks works. But at the same time, I heard the truth in it, because when I started looking around in my own life I’d notice the three principles at play every single time, in every single moment.

Which blew my mind.

It is truth. It’s TRUTH! O. M. G.

Slowly my own understanding started to unfold from there and it keeps expanding every day.

What are the Three Principles and how do they explain the human experience? 

Let’s break it down into its components and I’ll do my best to explain it with words. To even try is perhaps futile, but I have no pride in this. I’m giving it a shot with the risk of sounding like a fish on dry land, gasping for words.

But here we go.

The Three Principles are simply explained as;

Thought and the fact that we think.
Consciousness and the fact that we are aware.
Mind and the fact that we are alive.

These three principles are actually ONE. One energy. One field. Science says so (and no I’m not gonna go all into the quantum world here because I’d geek out like there’s no tomorrow and I’d lose 95% of the readers right here. Trust me, you don’t want me to go there.)

Let's Explore Thought.

Thought creates every feeling and experience you’ve ever had. It’s the creative force that brings our experience to life. It’s the voice in your head, the one that talks constantly, that comments on everything that’s going on and gives meaning to situations and events. It’s the pictures in your mind. It’s the dreams that come to life and the nightmares that lurk in the corners of our inner world. Thought shows up through us and is brought to life with our attention. When we stay with a thought, it feels real, it creates a feeling and it colors our inner and outer world

You’re the one hearing the thoughts. You are the one seeing the thoughts. And here’s the most important part so listen up. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer. You never were your thoughts, you never will be. And here I see you arguing…what do you mean I’m not my thoughts? Who am I if not the voice in my head? Who’s talking then? Well, this is the biggest misunderstanding and the root of all suffering. Us, innocently believing we are our thoughts. This is me! You say. But no. Wrong. It’s not you.

Thoughts are an illusion creating a virtual reality on a moment to moment basis. New thought comes through you, colors your feelings and creates an experience. Take the same situation with another thought, leading to another feeling, creating another experience.

If you don’t believe me then do a little experiment and start getting a sense for this. When you feel happy, what thinking are you having? When you get angry, what thought came through. And here’s the biggest truth, that it was never the situation that created your feeling…it was thought!!! Always. You thought your boss made you angry? Wrong. Your thoughts do. You thought your mother in law was a pain in the behind? Wrong. Your thoughts annoyed you. You thought your puppy made you happy? Wrong again (!!!)…your thoughts made you happy.

It’s big fantastic illusion creating our human experience. This is the power of thought. Creating our reality.

This revelation can feel daunting and scary. I get it. But it’s also the most freeing realization as from the moment you see Truth…you stop taking your thinking so seriously. How could you? You’ve seen it now for what it is. Just Thought doing what thought does. Peace emerges. Life emerges. Freedom emerges. And we’re never the same again.

Welcome to a world of Thought. Your own little universe. be continued in Part 2.