A Day in the Life of a Former Sugar Junkie

you were fine all along

Reflections from a former sugar junkie. A day in the life of living with peace around food. No cravings. No self-sabotaging. No inner drama. Simply living...and doing just fine.

Imagine waking up early. You stay in your warm bed in the dark for a few more minutes, taking a couple of deep breaths. Soaking in the peace within and noticing the joy residing in there somewhere.

While the coffee is brewing (black, extra strong please), you prepare breakfast. Before anyone else wakes up you have the whole world to yourself. You write down the day’s intention in your journal, today it's ”smile and find joy in the small things”.

After breakfast, you sit down for a ten minute guided meditation.

Curiously, and without judgment, you observe your inner world this morning. You notice how your mind wanders all over the place. You have to bring your focus back to your breath, like a thousand times. This happens almost every day. But today you laugh at your monkey mind. You used to think meditation was all about ”quieting the mind”. Now you know better.

On your way to work you notice the sun is shining, finally, and you take a moment, pausing in the beautiful light. Winter mornings up north are marvelous this time of year. After months of darkness, the sun finally appears and the light is warm, gentle and soft.

At work you find yourself smiling for no apparent reason. You eat your lunch, a simple but nice homemade meal, and enjoy every single bite. At some point in the afternoon, you have a snack with your coffee. Reflecting on how your life used to look like, before life with food freedom.

The daily mind games. The inner struggle. The feeling of hopelessness. The feeling of being stuck.

Today, those memories are like a bad dream, they seem so distant. Was that my life? Really? Gratitude washes over you as you think about your life now. You do a mental happy dance and high five yourself.

On the way home from work you buy some nice flowers for yourself. Who would have thought that life could feel so peaceful again. That buying some tulips (and not chocolate!) at the grocery store could bring happiness. That the small things in life actually did bring joy.

Not feeling broken any longer. No need to fix yourself anymore. No need to “try to accept yourself as you are”, because now you know nothing was ever wrong with you.

You were fine all along.

You were always alright. You were always ok.

Now you know that, no matter what, you are doing your best, and that your best is enough.

You are enough. You were always enough.




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