10 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

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Why you should get a coach?

Because you don’t have time to waste trying to figure things out by yourself when someone ahead of you already knows how to get where you wanna be.

The best, hands down, thing I’ve done for myself, for my personal growth, is to hire a coach. A coach has not only saved my time (life is short, let’s get real here) but has also expanded my view of what I’m capable of. It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made and it has brought on not only new possibilities but also new opportunities.

If you don’t have a coach in your life right now let me ask you why? Don’t give me the money excuse because getting coaching is something you can get for free. It can be a friend, a colleague or any other form of mentorship. I believe that if we think that we can do it all by ourselves we are being ridiculous and not understanding that we always can learn from others. ALWAYS. If we want to master something, then get a coach who has mastered that same thing right now.

1.       A coach can fast-track your experience.

Instead of wasting years you can get things done in months. Getting a coach will save you so much time. Looking back I wish I would have gotten a coach from day one. I spent years trying to master my mind. I spent years trying, on my own, to build up my confidence. I spent years trying to have peace with food. Did I gain a lot of knowledge and experience on the way? Of course. But the question is, would I have fast-tracked my learning if I’d have had a coach guiding me and sharing knowledge where I was missing it? Hell yes. Instead of 25 years, it might have taken me 1 year. A mentor-protégé relationship is not to be underestimated. The moment I hired a coach I took quantum leaps in growth.


2.       A coach gives you real-time feedback

This is crucial to growth and learning. Having someone that can continuously help you with course correction is like having a GPS that is constantly showing you where you are moving in the wrong direction and how to get back on track. Real-time feedback is invaluable. This alone is worth having a coach. I don’t know how many times I spent months doing something that I later realized was taking me off course and I ended up way far out of where I wanted to be.


3.       A coach can quickly provide knowledge that you need to get to the next level

It’s like having a private search engine tailored to your needs at your own disposal. How do I overcome this obstacle that I’m facing? Ask your coach. Why is this not working? Ask your coach. How can I fix this? Ask your coach. Can it get better than this? Nope.


4.       A coach can direct you away from getting sidetracked

A good coach will point out where you’re going wrong. A good coach will point out when you might be veering off course. A good coach will see where your steps are taking you and let you know when you need to change direction.


5.       A coach gives you tailor-made advice, specifically for your unique needs

This is the main difference. Instead of getting general advice from a book, a group course or other form of coaching with a coach you get advice perfect for you, for your needs. This is a game changer and it’s what will create a transformation like no other. This creates real and lasting change.


6.       A coach can point you in the right direction

Countless times I’ve felt kinda lost and having no idea if I’m walking in the right direction. Will what I’m doing take me closer to where I wanna be? A great coach is there to show you the way and every single time you feel lost your coach will show you where you are, where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Never lost again. This brings in a deep sense of peace.


7.       A coach sees your blind spots

We don’t see our own weaknesses or blind spots. Here’s where your coach comes in, looks at you and points it out for you. Magic. Powerful and life-changing. Someone pointing out what you, yourself can’t see. Yes please. More please.


8.       A coach teaches you not by giving you the answers but by showing you how to get the answers you need yourself (this is what the best coaches do!)

How do we ask the right question? How do we know what we need to know? Transformative coaching moves you to ask questions that will expand your thinking so you, yourself, can answer your own questions. A pretty cool benefit from coaching that will serve you a lifetime. Priceless.


9.       A coach intensifies the learning through an intimate one-on-one interaction

It gets personal. It gets intense. It gets specific. It gets packed with energy that drives your inspiration and energy to a new level. I love getting coaching for this very reason. Having somebody rooting for you and believing in you is sometimes all we need. It nourishes our soul and gets us to show up as our best selves. Which of course brings in success and new opportunities.

10.   A coach knows how to challenge you so you can improve quickly

You wanna master something like yesterday? Tired of feeling stuck and running around in circles doing the same mistakes all over again. Get a coach. Be ready to be challenged. Be ready to thrive. Be ready to face your fears. Be ready to shine.


You might be thinking, I don’t need a coach. I coach myself. Well, then let me ask you. Do you really push yourself out of your comfort zone and call out your own crap? Do you challenge yourself every single day and point out your own weaknesses and where your thinking might be clouding your judgment? Do you show yourself who you truly are?
If yes, then you are a superhuman and congratulations. If not, then get a coach today. A coach will not shy away from giving you tough love, which is exactly what you need to grow, to expand, to be able to see what you are truly capable of. It’s a transformative experience like no other. It will change you forever.