3 Strategies for Growth

3 Strategies for Growth .png


What I see as the main problem for people who never (or too slowly) achieve their goals and dreams is that they lack these three things: Decisiveness, Coach-ability and Resourcefulness. They lack an understanding of how big of an impact these three traits have on their ability to succeed. In my work with high-achievers I see this every single day. The people who create the impossible, who reach what they set out to do, have stepped into these three traits. Period. So what does it mean to be these three things? Let me break it down for you.

DECISIVE; Having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Simple, right? Having the ability to decide FAST. How hard can it be? Well, apparently super-duper hard as so many people are stuck and struggling in the land of “no decision is ever gonna be made ever but I’m still gonna think about it”. The simple and radical notion that just deciding will change your life forever seems to shock people at their core. But here’s what I wanna tell you. Making decisions on the spot saves you years. YEARS. Not a few minutes here and there to think about it, but years. If you have a hard time making even the smallest of decisions then this is a trait that you wanna adopt and start practicing asap. It’s the ONE trait that separates the amateurs from the pros. Winning means this, the ability to make a decision. FAST. Hesitating keeps you dabbling. Hesitating keeps holding you back and you’re missing the opportunities in front of you. We can see this in real time in sports. If a player ever hesitates, even if it’s a fraction of a second, it can cost them the game. They have to be decisive and act fully on the decision they’ve made. And the outcome is always gonna be better than if you’ve stayed in the “I have to think about it” lane. Learn to make decisions quickly. Stop wasting years thinking about it.

Have you been thinking about starting a business? Make a decision fast.

Have you been thinking about getting a coach? Think no more. Decide if you want to fast track your growth or not.

Have you been thinking about whether you should get the salad with or without croutons? Please. Decide right now. You’re not only wasting your time but everyone else’s time. Just pointing out the obvious.


This one. OMG. I swear I can’t with people who are not coachable. They ask for help. You point them in the right direction. Then they give you a research paper long monologue of “yeah but’s”. Yeah but I already tried that. Yeah but I don’t have the money. Yeah but I’m too old. Yeah but I don’t have time. Yeah but it’s hard. Yeah but I’m too tired. Yeah but my kids. Yeah but life is unfair. Yada. Yada. Yada. Click. I just muted you. And all I want to say is that “how’s that working for ya?” Let me show you what being coachable looks like. You ask for help. Whatever help is offered you answer “Got it. Thank you”. Then you DO IT. You execute. You try it. You see if it might be what moves you forward. It might be the doorway to your dream…who knows if you don’t try it. Simple. Profound. Life changing. Be humble and just say YES to the ideas and solutions that are presented to you. If you’re stuck then understand that whatever you’re doing is not working. It is not working. You have a choice here. Keep struggling in your little corner or be open to receive guidance. Please be coachable. It’s the fastest way to excellence. To achieving your dream.

RESOURCEFUL: having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Yup. Finding ways. Looking for ways to make shit happen. If it didn’t work out the first ty, try again. And again. And then again. It’s not gonna hurt you to keep trying. Trust me. But staying in your puddle of victimhood is. That hurts. Get resourceful. Seriously, go all fight club on yourself. What if my life depended on it? Would I find a solution? Hell yeah I would. Ok, then. Time to get to work and quickly find a way. Put your brain to work. Ask yourself; how can I find a solution to this? There is always a solution out there. Figure shit out. As business goddess Marie Forleo says “Everything is figureoutable”. This. Resourcefulness in a nutshell.

And there you have it! Three strategies that will help you grow, expand and become unconquerable. It will fast track your journey to whatever dream you have and make the impossible happen.