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In 2018 I was part of James Wedmore’s Next Level elite group coaching program. As I’m trying to review the past year and put into words what I’ve learned and what my takeaways are, I can’t help but get emotional.

This blog post was first featured on The Mind Your Business Podcast where James and I had a conversation around entrepreneurship, mindset and what I learned from him.

This past year has been extraordinary. Not only did I do something that scared the crap out of me (like starting a business, joining a 5-figure coaching program, putting myself out there) but I also became someone I didn’t know I was.

This year has been about BEING.

Being a person who creates the impossible. Being a person who takes action despite of fear and doubt. Becoming a leader. Becoming who I was meant to BE.

The past year culminated in James Wedmore’s Live Event (Business by Design Live) where hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world meet. I had the opportunity to speak in front of them and share my story. Share my own breakthrough.

The audience got to vote amongst 8 finalists for the Breakthrough of the year Award. And the winner took home a $20,000 check.

The audience voted for me. I won.

…and I gave it all away.

Here’s the thing. My friend and fellow Next Level member Shannon Irvine, that runs the charity Mosaic Vision, was there as well, raising money for orphans in Africa. I gave them all the money.

Why? Because I’ve got my priorities straight.

I still wake up every morning and have to pinch myself that I got the chance to donate a big amount of cash to people who really need it. #dreamcometrue

I feel so blessed.

I’ll be forever deeply grateful to James and his team for creating a program that brings together extraordinary humans and entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place.

Ok, friends. So with that being said, let’s dive in to what I learned this year from Mr. James Wedmore himself.

10 lessons learned from James Wedmore

1. ONLY work with your ideal client

Ever. A non negotiable. This is a big one and a lesson learned the hard way. Do not ever work with people who are not ideal. For me that means clients who are ambitious, driven, kind and are fun to be around. I absolutely REJECT clients who are complainers, who don’t take action and who are stuck in a victim mindset. I refuse to work with people who only want what’s convenient, who want free coaching and who won’t execute and do the work.

From James I learned to be crystal clear with my messaging. I started to change the way I spoke and I started to define who my ideal client was…and who I do not work with, ever. This allowed people to not only self-select but also helped people to step into that new identity. A game changer! My clients are extraordinary people. I feel so grateful everyday that I get to work with world-class clients. Kind and generous people. People who are ready to have a deep transformation. I love my tribe so hard.

This is something James showed us how to do. Throughout this year James has been standing in this truth. Not tolerating crap or a victim mindset. Letting us choose HOW we wanna show up and who we wanna BE. Being super kind about it but also ruthless in who his ideal client is. James does not work with everybody. He attracts a certain kind of client. I learned to trust myself in this and to invite only the people with the most wonderful vibe into my world and it’s been a game changer. So grateful for this lesson as I think many entrepreneurs still struggle with this and want to have an open door to everyone who is willing to pay. James showed me that we don’t have to be for everybody. I am not afraid today to turn people away.

I am not for everybody.

2. To SEE people

James taught me to really see people and acknowledge them. Here’s what I mean by that. To really acknowledge our students. To SEE their potential and hold them to their vision even if they might not see it themselves in the moment. James showed me that sometimes all we need is someone believing in us. That that alone can empower a full time working mom of three (with zero business experience and zero social media presence), to create a business by design. To create something that from the outside seemed impossible.

3. To ONLY speak to people’s beliefs

Marketing is this. And we overcomplicate it so much when we’re getting started. I’ve watched James this year on our calls, on our retreats, how he shows up as our mentor and again and again he’s been speaking to our beliefs…not teaching us stuff. Not giving us more information.

We have all the information we need.

People have ALL the information already. James spoke to our beliefs again and again. And in the beginning I didn’t get it. I was like ”why is James not answering someone’s question with the right answer. Just give them the strategy or tactic”. HA! How wrong I was. I watched him instead speak to their limiting beliefs and where the real shift needed to happen and man… Magic! Profound! Generous and the only way to truly help people. But it took me months to see that…once I understood it I started doing the same with my clients…and that’s when people started waking up. It got people’s attention. People started having shifts and started taking the right action.

4. To not take on my clients and students results or lack thereof

This lesson is so valuable and I wish I would have learned it BEFORE I decided to become an entrepreneur. Here’s what I took away from this year…my clients and students results are NON of my business. And it’s a little Byron Katie in there but to me it’s been transformative. I’ve watched James be detached from our results or lack thereof. What I mean here is that James does not need validation from his students. He knows the value he brings and he takes full ownership of how he shows up and how he reacts to a situation…but that’s it. And by doing that he EMPOWERS us to take full responsibility for our own lives and businesses. Which in the end is the best lesson.

The biggest lesson.

5. To only work in my zone of genius

James only operate in his zone of genius and I know he didn’t always do that. But today he does. For me this was interesting. I learned from James, by watching him, that to be a 6-7 or 8 figure entrepreneur we need to ONLY operate in this zone and to be ruthless about it.

Let me repeat that. We need to be ruthless about it.

We have to hire people, invest in mentors, coaches or services or outsource what we should not waste time or energy doing. And it’s interesting because so many insist on doing everything themselves or simply doing things that they are not really good at, just mediocre at. For me, this was a game changer. As a full time working mom of three I had no choice but to focus only on my zone of genius because I understood that by doing so it would be what generated the most profit. BEING in our zone of genius is the ONLY way to fast track our success. I had to pivot a few times until I fully embraced what my zone of genius is and once I found it I could feel the power it had. It fueled everything else. It created the biggest impact. So even though I might be pretty good at other things and could totally do them…like project management, finances, excel spreadsheets…(I’m a finance geek, I’m pretty good at that)…it’s still NOT my zone of genius. So I had to learn to say NO and hand it over to someone else and instead step fully into my role as a digital CEO.

As a transformative coach, speaker, and teacher.

What I also learned from James is that not only do I have to work in my zone of genius but also charge that. I’m not ”affordable” by any means. I don’t wanna be affordable. I wanna make the biggest impact and really help people have a major transformation and in order to do so I have to be in my zone of genius. So grateful for this lesson. If I wanted to be affordable I would work in something I’m kinda good at or even mediocre…then it would be affordable for sure (lol).

But such a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

6. Be coachable

”Thank you. Ok, got it” This is how you show up coachable. Just say ”yes, got it” and frikkin DO something with the coaching you get. To say YES to feedback, to life, to opportunities. To be open, willing, ready. This has spilled over into my clients as well.

I feel like I’ve always been coachable, as a ballet student and professional dancer you kinda have no choice than to be coachable if you wanna master the art, but James took it to another level. It increased my awareness…it made me pay attention to myself in a new way. It made me show up humble. It changed how I show up in my corporate job. How I show up with my clients. What I expect from my clients.

To understand what being coachable means.

To be able to receive feedback and take full OWNERSHIP and responsibility for that, receive the feedback which is the most generous thing another human being can give you, with open arms. And with gratitude.

7. Build a team of rockstar people with the right values, and not necessarily the right skills

We can teach anyone skills. Hire them for their way of BEING. This has been huge for me. My value number one is kindness. That’s the main thing I look for in people. Then I go to their resourcefulness. Are they resourceful or do they need hand-holding? Can they operate on their own? James taught me to give our team space to grow. He brags so much about his team and shows them love and appreciation. I learned from him that caring deeply for our team is crucial. I learned to give them all we’ve got. To not hold back with our team. I now have an abundance mindset with my team. I’m generous with everything I’ve learned so far and I want them to succeed. I am not being held back by them leaving the company or scared they wanna jump ship. I feel OK knowing that the right people will show up and that if I stay in that place of abundance there’s no panic around employee retention or all that stuff that big corporates struggle with.

James showed me how to help them rise to become their best version of themselves. That’s what I’m going for here as well. Training people to become the best version of themselves. Coaching them to rise to the next level and achieve maybe what they never thought was possible.

8. That I have the power to create my own money

That the world is abundant. That the universe might not be what we think it is and that money come to us unexpectedly and with full force…if we are open for it.

In the beginning of the year I won the ”woo-woo” award in our group and James sent me a book as a gift. A little book called ”Dollars flow to me easily”. At first I totally dismissed it for the cheesy title and horrible cover…but then I decided to get off my high horse and read it. Well, as a total geek and proud woo-woo person, I read that book not once, not twice, but every single morning for the past year. I’ve read different parts of the book again and again. I’ve marked it with different colors and written stuff in the sidelines and it’s a book that changed HOW I am being.

James has, throughout this year, been telling us that we can create our own money…and I really opened up to that truth. I listened. That’s why I could stand on stage at the BBD LIVE event, as the winner of the Breakthrough of the year award, and give away the price, twenty thousand dollars. Because I FELT abundant. I FEEL abundant. I KNOW with a certainty that money flows to me easily. That I am ok and that that money was meant to flow through me, through us… to others…to kids, orphans in Africa who need medical attention, schooling and shoes. The money flowed exactly where it needed to go. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from James this year.

I’ve learned that changing my thoughts will change my business.

James talks about our results being a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs…THIS. A lot of people don’t understand this and they will argue with this ”Oh, but I have great confidence. I believe I’m gonna be super successful. I’ve set a big audacious goal”…but NO. They do not think and FEEL it at all and that’s why they are lacking the results.

James taught me that it’s an abundant universe and that I am the creator of my own reality. I can create my own money. I’ll be forever grateful for that. Deeply deeply grateful for that lesson.

9. To listen within (yes, let’s keep with the woo-woo)

Here’s what I mean by that. James kept saying this year ”what got you here won’t get you there” and I struggled with that in the beginning. I was like ”what does he mean? Got me where? Where am I going? Does he mean what actions led me here?…but then I heard something else with that.

I opened up to the ”the thinking that got me here…won’t get me there”, meaning, the same thoughts and ideas and ways of BEING (being in what thoughts I’m putting my attention on) needs to shift into a higher level of thinking.

So what will get me there is thinking from the future.

From a future digital CEO version of ME. If I could download my future million dollar CEO me into today’s body what would she think and feel…and do? I always get this sense that when I do that…when she arrives in my current state, she’s laughing at me. Like, ”Man…you’re struggling with these crappy thoughts hahaha…ok let’s get to work baby. Watch me kick ass”. Smiling and a making herself comfortable in this version of me that carries a lot of limiting beliefs, uncertainty, and doubt. My future self is an interesting version of me. She’s relaxed and sharp as hell. She cuts through the weeds in the garden of my mind and refuses to listen to that crap my brain is playing. She is highly present in the moment. I feel like she’s listening to cues or hunches from within and she’s 100% guided by that wisdom. She trusts it implicitly. And that’s the thinking that will get me there, to the next level, to my vision, to a new reality that right now feels impossible.

What got me here, my old self…won’t get me there.

New fresh thinking though, thinking from the future, will get me there. Thinking that comes from the wisdom within, the force within. Which looking back on this year I know I’ve been following but I feel like I’ve stumbled and missed it many times too. The future thinking, that version that will get me there, she doesn’t fumble or stumble. She’s in tune with it, at all times.

10. To ASK great questions

To change the quality of our questions and to ask. ASK for the sale. ASK for support. ASK for feedback. ASK for collaborations. Here’s where I go in to asking James Wedmore on the podcast episode a bunch of (hopefully) great questions. Wanna hear me pick his brain? (You don’t wanna miss this part!). Go listen to the episode here.

And there you have it!


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