Why Your Diet is Not Working

your food plan is not the problem

The biggest insight. Or the biggest lie out there. Is the idea that your relationship with food has to do with food.

The idea that by changing your food plan everything will fall into place. That by restricting a food group you will become another person. That by starting another diet you will reinvent yourself somehow. You will magically wake up one morning as a brand new better you. The idea that if you just follow a food plan everything will be ok. You will heal. You will finally find peace. It's like searching for the holy grail and as nothing ever works, we keep looking. We keep searching and over and over again we fail. We always end up back at square one.

I guess we are not ready to see it until we see it.

It took me over twenty years to SEE, to find home base. To understand that the problem was not the food. To understand that the problem was never about the food. It took twenty years to see the truth, to finally look inside, the only place I never had looked. To find everything I was looking for. Every single thing. I found peace. I found joy. I found love. I found power. I found hope.

”There is a deeper part of all of us that remains unchanged regardless of what our body and personality have been through in life. It is the innate wellbeing that we were born into, the innate wisdom that guided us at key moments in our life when we suddenly knew what to do from a place which seemed somehow outside our normal consciousness yet absolutely right and true”.

This quote, by Michael Neill in his book The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home, sums it up beautifully.

We are all born with the innate wisdom that never left, that is always present, guiding us in every single moment through life. If we just slow down and listen we can hear our truth. Our deep soul wrenching truth. We can feel everything we always wanted and needed to feel. We can feel clarity like never before and connect to what matters most.

”When we are in touch with that place, we have a sense of expansiveness and possibility. The world feels vast, yet we feel up to the challenge of living in it because we too, at this level of understanding, are vast. It is the space where miracles happen. From this place, we feel we can take on the world because, in a very real way, we are the world”

Coming back home is such a mind blowing life changing experience.

The first time I saw the truth I felt like my whole life had been a lie. Really?! You have been here all along and you never let me know? I have been looking for you everywhere! At the same time the irony of it all made me burst into laughter. I still do laugh out loud at the universe's sense of humor.

It was never about the food.

No. It was all a misunderstanding, an illusion.  Once we see it we are done. We’ve seen it. We can’t go back. We achieve new powers where we are able to observe the nonsense that shows up in our thinking. We realize that food was never the problem and therefore could never fix us. We understand that it's just a thought. Nothing more, nothing less. Thoughts that come and go. Thoughts that pass.

And then we realize too, that we are always one thought away from home. Just one thought away from peace. Just one thought away from happiness. Just one thought away from everything we need. I told ya, mind blowing.





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