How I permanently lost the weight and began a life of food freedom. (and how you can do it too)

living life with food freedom

”You are more powerful than you think you are. Act accordingly” - Seth Godin


My path has been long and at times extremely frustrating. I took the long road. I fell many times and I felt like giving up thousands of times.

How did I do it then? How did I succeed? How did I achieve food freedom for real? It was not resilience or grit. It was not willpower. It was not hard work. I sure did work hard, but now looking back I realize how completely unnecessary that was.

What made it happen was a simple thought. The thought that ”If others had done it, then so could I”. That's it. So simple. So powerful.

I acted accordingly. I kept looking in that direction. Looking towards others living life with food freedom. Studying them. Learning from them.

I discovered that it's like learning to ride a bike. You see other people doing it, so you know it's totally doable. You try it for yourself and you fall. But you don’t make a big deal out of falling because you’ve seen others biking around. And they do it effortlessly. So you get back up again. You keep trying. You keep falling. But then suddenly you find that balance. Even if it's just for a few micro seconds. And you feel it. You get a sense of it. You find it within you. You have a taste of it and from there you’ve seen it. You know with absolute certainty that it is possible so you keep at it. The more you find that magic balance, that place where it's effortless and everything flows, the easier you find it again and again.

Then one day you find yourself biking around. Like a badass.

Your confidence grows and you dare to get out there and explore the world. You start going places you always dreamed of going. And that's it. Enter life with food freedom. Life with flow. Life with ease. My point is if I can do it, so can you. If others can do this, then so can you my dear. So can you.




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