How the life changing magic of insight can heal you in just a few seconds

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If we can be traumatized in an instant, why can’t we be healed in an instant?

Experiencing a devastating event can change our lives forever in just a few seconds. It can cut so deep that we feel like the wound will be open in eternity. It can be so life-altering that we become a completely different person.

But what if the same thing applies to healing? What if healing, in the deepest sense, also can be achieved in an instant? What if we can walk away from something that has been holding us hostage for years, in just a few seconds?

This is the magic of insight.

Insight gives us that life-altering shift. The perspective you take of that same situation does a one-eighty degree turn. And in an instant, everything is exactly the same but so very different.

For me, finding that home base, that inner wisdom, that sense of SEEING everything in a new light, was healing. And it happened in a few seconds. It finally ”clicked”. I got it. I saw it. I understood it. The illusion broke and all that was left was me, standing there with eyes wide open. And life made sense again.

Insight is nothing we can force. We see it when we are ready. We see it when it is time. But let me say this; if you keep looking in that direction it will happen. It will appear. I can point you towards it and give you many tools to set the stage for it to happen. But in the end, it will happen in its own time. And guess what, that is perfect. Absolutely perfect. It’s exactly as it's supposed to be.





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