How to stop procrastinating

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Do you procrastinate like nobody's business?

Do you have black belt in accomplishing nothing?

Then keep reading.

Why is it that some people seem to be born with the drive to make their bed in the morning (as soon as they get out of bed!!) and some struggle massively to even pick up a sock from the floor?

What makes some people super-human and just do what they say they’ll do? For real, what’s their secret?

You might be thinking they have tons of willpower. That they were probably born with a special willpower gene that enables them to push through regardless of circumstance. This willpower gene helps them to always be winning. They hustle. They work their ass off. They persevere. They follow through. Procrastination is foreign to them and putting things off is a no-go zone.

But then, at the same time there are those that seem like total slackers. Kinda cruising through life and accomplishing great things with a ”whatever” attitude. Hustle is NOT in their DNA and they play fearlessly the game of life. Always with a smile on their face. Defeat doesn’t bother them and even though you hardly see them pushing and grinding they also don’t really procrastinate.

They have something else that seems to drive them.

They have flow.

They live in the moment and they not only have zero attachment to the outcome they seem to care less if they have a plan to get anywhere. They show up and like a kid  and play with what’s in front of them.

They navigate through life in this way. Curiosity and joy guiding them. Which is why they usually are super successful. They are immersed in what they are doing for the sake of doing it not for the sake of a specific outcome.

They live attuned to the present moment.

Again, this little thing called the present moment.

The place that when we live in it we get to experience life’s opportunities. We get to experience that place we call home base. A place where we feel oh so good and where we know we are ok. From that place we usually are open to what life has to offer.

We receive what life has to offer.

Doors open.

The paradox is that if we allow ourselves to be open and willing we don’t need to fight against procrastination. We don’t need willpower, at all.

Willpower is overrated.

Instead we rely on something bigger and more powerful. The flow of life. The energy behind creation. Pretty cool stuff.

When we stop struggling and living from a place of hustle and grind we come to see that life has bigger plans for us and that if we just had listened from the get-go we wouldn’t be procrastinating to begin with.

We are lit up with new ideas.

We’re filled with inspired action and move from moment to moment with a burning anthem in our hearts.

Passion. Desire. Life flowing through us.