How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life in Five Easy Ways

How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life in Five Easy Ways

What is mindfulness?

How do I practice mindfulness? What does mindfulness mean? How can mindfulness help me have a more peaceful and happy life?

Mindfulness, or the art of paying attention, can be defined in many ways but to me, the way I see it is simply having an awareness of our inner world. It’s living with eyes wide open to what goes on on the inside. It’s a state of mind where we are curious and open to whatever we’re experiencing without judgment of how we feel about it. It’s a moment to moment practice of self-awareness that can be very simple in practice but has profound implications.

Let me invite you to bring in a small dose of mindfulness into your life. Let me invite you to open up space within and see for yourself if what you find there is a place that you’d like to hang out in more often.

Want to know how you can incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life without having to sit down for a meditation?

Here are 5 simple ways for a mindful living.

1.       Take ONE deep breath before you put that spoon of peanut butter in your mouth (yeah that one goes for me. Oh peanut butter I love you so…). This mindfulness practice is THE one that changes everything. Make it a habit to always take a deep breath before you eat ANYTHING. Yup, even that bite of leftovers that you thought no one would notice if you ate it. Well, you noticed. You, your higher-Self did. And yes, every bite counts. And yes, taking one deep breath before you shove it in your pie hole is gonna give you a moment of space. From reaction to responding. Giving a second to bring in awareness to your eating. I bet a lot of your eating goes on while you’re unconscious. Mindless eating is what it’s called. Open your eyes my friend and simply bring in awareness to your everyday eating. One deep breath. That’s all it takes.

2.       Take ONE deep breath before you speak. Before you open your mouth to say the first thing that came to your mind take a deep breath. See if something changes within you. Notice if you suddenly find yourself responding, instead of reacting. Notice if your higher-Self shines through instead. Maybe a gentler response comes out. Maybe a wiser and kinder answer comes out of you. One breath is all it takes to change your relationships.

3.       Take ONE deep breath before you get offended. Ha! This one is a game changer. Before you’re hurt and start licking your wounds take a deep breath baby. Breathe IN peace and clarity, Breathe OUT your own stories. Yeah, your stories about how people hurt you. Your stories about how people are mean to you and are after to hurt you. Your stories that people are responsible for your hurt feelings. Take a deep breath and let that shit go. One breath, that’s all it takes.

4.       Take ONE deep breath when you feel like giving up. When that inner voice of yours starts jabbing about “This is hard! Let’s give up”…you might as well eat!”…then simply take a deep breath and proceed ya hear me. You take a deep breath and keep on marching. You keep on looking in this direction because let me tell you something here. There is so much light at the end of the tunnel that you’ll be blinded by the brightness of what awaits. You hold on to that glimmer of light no matter what. Take a deep breath and keep walking. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust that you are OK. You are more than OK and you don’t have to listen to that voice in your head. One breath and then you march on. That’s all it takes.

5.       Take ONE deep breath whenever you’re not feeling at peace. You have all you need within you. Nothing on the outside can ever change that. You inner well being is yours by default and no one can take it away from you. At any moment during the day you can take one deep breath and tap into that well-being. Because your capacity for happiness comes from the inside and it’s available to you right now. One breath away. That’s all it takes.