How to Get Yourself to Do Anything

How to Get Yourself to Do Anything

So you have a goal and a plan

You are all-in this time and stoked to get started. But then, out of nowhere, you lose sight of where you were going and suddenly find yourself in the land of brain fog. All dazed and confused. ”Why am I doing this?!” you hear yourself scream inside your head. 

You’re staring at yourself in the mirror. Same old self. Same old face. Same old you. Nothing has changed. ”No matter what I do, I’m still same old me. And nothing changes”. 

Can you relate?

You know WHAT to do, but you can’t seem to make yourself do it.

So you start looking for other solutions. ”This brain stuff can’t possibly work! I knew it. I can’t change. I might as well go back to a strict food plan. To strict rules. I need structure! You hear your brain yelling”.

Hear me out here. Welcome to your brain. Have you heard this crap before? Of course, you have. The story of your life. You find yourself trying to change, and the resistance is massive. The question ”Why am I doing this, again?” keeps intruding your head over and over until you start questioning your goal, your plan and finally you give in. 


Here’s what I want you to do

I want you to expect that. I want you to write it down on your calendar, so you see it coming. ”Crap your brain says” - about to happen - daily! There. Problem solved. Now it won’t hit you off guard again. You’ll be welcoming it. 

The truth is you’re a high achiever and a resourceful person. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. That part of you comes from you too. Your little old brain. Pretty cool when you come to think about it. You have a clever brain that does what it can to get you to do your habitual behavior. All to ensure your survival (yay for brains!). 

Congratulations. You’re a smart cookie. Good for you.

Now, let's turn it around

Because you’re a super smart human being, you also have the capacity to stop listening to the crap coming from your brain. You are fully capable. You just THINK you aren’t. You just think you can’t tune out the noise the brain produces. The thing is, yes you can.

You’re never really up against what you think you are

Let me repeat that. You are not up against what you think you are. When you stop paying attention to the urges, the incessant chatter, the old brain-noise goes away. It quiets down. And when you actively shift your attention to other things in your life (yes, you can do that too!) then the magic starts to happen. 

Big time magic

Don’t underestimate the power of actively changing your brain with the power of your mind. According to research at UCLA people with OCD can rewire their brain with their mind. So yeah, it’s probably gonna work with the urge of stuffing down that slice of pizza (even when it has extra cheese and cheesy crust).

Here’s some tough love though

You have actually to do it. You have to actively work with changing your brain. And a good start is with just noticing. Noticing that you have a voice inside of your head that talks non stop and that most of the stuff it says is random crap. You might also call it thinking. Your thoughts. A good start is noticing that you are not your thoughts. You are the one who hears them. 

And yes, you can ignore them. 

Yes, you can stop respecting them. 

Yes, you can stop paying any attention to them. 

Yes, you can.