How To Get Into Alignment Using The 3 S's Framework

How to get into alignment using the 3 s's framework

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Some days life is just blue. Some days ”Cry me a river” seems to be the only song playing in the background and the sun is hiding somewhere in the land of faraway. Some days life is just filled with an empty feeling and nothing seems to break the ice between where we are and where we wanna be.

It’s not really depression, because you still function, you get up, you go to work, you eat, you live, you breathe. But it’s with a heavy heart. It’s with emptiness and a feeling that nothing will ever be the same again.

A fleeting thought crosses your mind ”I’ll always feel like this”. You believe it. How could you not? It feels so real. It feels like deep truth. You feel your inner doors shutting close and the walls come crashing down. ”What’s the point?” echoes in the back of your mind.

Yeah. What is the point?

When we are deep in the trenches and lost in thought, overthinking every move, stuck in repetitive and old thinking, it’s like free falling. You can’t see clearly and you feel like there’s no solid ground beneath you. You’re way deep in never ever land. The realm of thought.

You’re out of alignment.

You’re way off your inner alignment actually. That’s why you feel like crap. That’s why life feels blue and that’s why you feel stuck.

Thought can do that to ya. Thought is what creates our human experience and thought alone has the power to make us feel anything. The good, the bad, the ugly. In other words, everything. When we’re lost in the land of thought and lose sight of the fact that thought is also just an illusion, we feel trapped in a nightmare. We can’t find our way out. We try to think our way out but more thinking makes it worse. Cry me a river all over again.

How do we get back into alignment with who we really truly are? Is there anything we can do?

Yes and no.

Let me explain.

No, because the mind is self-correcting and takes care of thoughts for you. If you let it, that is. If you simply allow thoughts to pass and wait for fresh helpful new thinking to come, then you’re all set. There is nothing you must do. This is your default setting and this is what’s already built into your system, The mind is a remarkable thing. It works on its own. You’re not supposed to do anything at all, the mind will settle if you let it and then you’ll suddenly find yourself calm and at peace again. In the same old situations, with the same old people, same old life…but oh so very different. Thank you Mind.

So, in a nutshell, it clears itself.

But at the same time, yes.

You can use the power of your own mind, with intention aka mental force, and shift into alignment. Pay attention here because this is important. It’s an internal shift. Not an outside shift. Nothing on the outside needs to change. Nothing. It’s a shift from within to get into alignment.

Alignment is an inner place of peace and well-being. To get back into alignment, when you’re off in the land of thought, all you need to do is bring in awareness to the fact that you’re not aligned with peace.

Feeling like crap? Not aligned with peace.

Feeling angry? Not aligned with peace.

Feeling upset? Not aligned with peace.

Being out of alignment is part of being human. Nothing inherently wrong with it. But if you’re suffering, and it’s affecting your life, like behaving like an ass to your close ones, arguing with coworkers and crying non-stop, then time’s up. Time to use the power of intention to shift your attention and get back into alignment. Back to home base. To who you really are.

How do we get in alignment then? Mindfulness is a good start. Using the 3 S’s Framework is a simple and effective tool to help you shift back into peace and well being.

Here’s how it works.

The 3 S’s is a mindfulness framework I've developed that consists of three steps. SEE, SIT and SHIFT.

Step 1. SEE

When you notice you’re feeling like shit and struggling with life SEE that. Say it out loud if you have to. ”I’m feeling like shit”. Good. Recognizing we’re struggling means seeing reality as it is. I want you to see your thinking. Can you see the thoughts you’re having? What are you thinking? What are you believing right now? What are you hearing? This part matters because once you can see your own thoughts then you also get to see that you are not your thoughts. You are the one who hears them.

Step 2. SIT

This is where the practice of mindfulness comes in. Sitting with the thoughts with non-reaction. Simply dismissing them. Simply letting them come and go. Having no reaction to them. Zero reaction. Zip. Nada. Hello and goodbye. No hard feelings. No attachment.

Step 3. SHIFT

Here’s where we actively shift into alignment, This is where we use mental effort to get into alignment. We don’t get into alignment by chance. By coincidence or by simply being positive. No, we get into alignment by actively redirecting our attention to peace and well being. To the fact that we are OK. We are ok regardless of external circumstances. We are ok regardless of the thoughts we’re having. We are ok no matter what. Because ok’ness is an internal state and we can align ourselves with it at any moment. Right here, right now.

So, back to the point. The point is that you have a choice. Keep on being sucked back into thought and feeling like crap and suffer day in and day out, or actively align yourself with peace and well being. Will it be easy? Hell no. Some days you’ll feel like an amoeba with zero power lost in a daydream that ain’t pretty. But with practice and effort you’ll sharpen your brain ninja skills and guess what, you’ll be able to get into alignment at will. The best superpower in the history of superpowers. You’re welcome.