How to create a winning mindset

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How do I get back up when I fall?


How do I pull myself back when I’ve had a setback?


Why do I feel devastated when I experience failure?


Life does what life does. Regardless. Regardless of whether we like it or not. Whether we approve or not. Life does. People do. Things happen. Life moves on. We can argue with it as much as we want but the reality stays the same. It is.

Life is.

We wake up and we carry with us a set of expectations. We tell life ”Good morning! Let’s make today awesome!”. Yay for positive thinking. We sing in the shower and we look at ourselves in the mirror and we wink. Ha. ”I’ve got this!” You say to yourself.

Then life. Someone says something to you in a facebook group you’re in and your feelings are hurt. You get angry and resent this person and before you can stop yourself you lash out ”FYI you’re wrong and I’m right and I hate you for hurting my feelings”. You, relate? I’m sure each and everyone of us can relate.

In a moment of confusion we innocently believe it’s this person hurting us. We tumble into an emotional turmoil and we can’t shake the feeling of ugh-ness off. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. The whole day is ruined. We keep replaying the same conversation in our head all day long.

Then, a few days later we’ve seem to have forgotten all about it and we wake up again fresh. A new day! Yay. ”I’ve got this!” All over again.

But then someone at work rejects our proposal. They chose someone else. Meh. Ugh. What? The ”They don’t like me?” - thought spins in your head and from a tiny thought it blows up into a full story of ”People are a-holes” and ”life is hard”…and by the end of the day you’re immersed in the move of your life called ”I’m a failure and it will never work”.

Yeah. Been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt.

Life does what life does.

As good as it gets.

Truth is this is it. Stop waiting for the fluffy unicorns and for life to be all sparkly.

Stop waiting for everyone to follow your script and behave exactly as you want them to in order for you to be ok.

Stop waiting for the events in life to align up neatly in order for you to be happy and feel safe.

Start creating instead.

Start creating the life you love. The life of your dreams. Start creating what you want to see manifested in your life. Start creating a mindset that follows you around wherever you go so that you don’t need the external circumstances to be in a certain way.

Create a Self so resilient and peaceful that you’re firmly standing in your own light wherever you go. Bringing your very own unicorns and stardust wherever you show up.


Regardless of situation. Regardless of people. Regardless of social media likes. Regardless of wins. Regardless of losses. Regardless of falls.

Create a mindset that is unconquerable and that is OK no matter what. A Self that knows that all is always good. That life is a playing ground, no more, no less. Create a winning self that plays fully and fearlessly.

How do I create a winning mindset then?

You start by waking up to the fact that life works from the inside out. That life happens within you and has no correlation with what happens on the outside. You start by understanding how your mind works and what it means to live from the inside out.

It starts with you taking full and radical ownership of your own well being. Understanding that life is happening for you and not to you. Connecting to a deep place within that will show you what you truly are. A being. A spiritual being with immense power. A being ready to blow your own mind.

That’s the only way to create a winning mindset. Just starting there, by understanding the nature of the human experience will take you beyond resilience.

It will help you every time you fall.

It will pick you up every time you feel lost. It will ground you when you’re losing your balance and it will center you when you’re out of alignment.