How to Create a Life with Food Freedom in 3 Steps

You are powerful beyond your imagination

Yes you read that right. Create. You can actually create your own life. You thought you were powerless and that you were doomed to a life fighting with food and your weight? Nope.

The mind, your mind, is extremely powerful and if you understand how the mind works and especially how the human experience works you get to see that you can in fact create your own reality.

That means food freedom too.

A life lived with food peace. A life free of struggles with overeating, binging and emotional eating. A life free of intrusive and obsessive food thoughts. A life where you actually have other hobbies (rather than food being the center of your attention) and your life is filled with ease and joy.

When you’re sucked down into the vortex of overeating and you feel totally lost and can’t find your way out from the food maze then food freedom can feel like mission impossible and a myth.

Well, it’s not.

It’s real and it’s closer than you think. Because food freedom is already within you. It’s right there. It never left you. You just got caught up in your own thinking. Thought stepped in the way and blocked your view. You got entangled in a web of food thoughts and you innocently believed that pouring more thought into it might solve the riddle.

The way out is available to you right now. If you’re willing to see things differently that is. You have to be ready to ditch the mindset of a food addict ”once an addict, always an addict crap” and step into a higher consciousness. Rise up, friend. Rise up.

How do we create a life with food freedom then?

We create it by;

1. Using the power of your mind to change your brain.

THIS IS THE SECRET. This is it. You can stop looking now. This is the answer. Your very own mind is the only one who can change your own brain. Not another food plan. Not another diet. Not another bootcamp or 21 day challenge. Understand this and you’re all set to create a life you love. A life with food freedom. In my free 5-day mini course I explain the science behind this and I give you the 3 steps to rewire your brain for food freedom. Your mind is powerful beyond your imagination and no, it’s not woo-woo or fluff. There’s no mysticism to this. This is brain science and neuroplasticity in action. Your mind has the capacity to use mental force to change brain wiring. Meaning, your own mind can change old overeating patterns. Here’s the thing though. Only your own mind can do this. Your mind can change your brain. No one else can do this for you. No guru, no shrink, not me. What we can do though is point you in the right direction. You have to walk the path yourself though. You have to take action and with mental effort change your brain.

2. Mentally rehearsing.

This is not a quick fix. Again, if you’re looking for a bootcamp or a ”lose the weight like yesterday” plan then stop reading right here, right now. You’re so in the wrong place. But if you’re serious about ending the war with food forever and ever and looking to the place where you haven’t looked before, within, then my friend you’re so in the right place. If you’re a super achiever and a high performer and wondering why the heck you can succeed at everything else in your life, but not your food, then welcome. You are in the perfect place. Food freedom is achieved through repetition and rehearsing. Its achieved through being willing to try again and again. It’s achieved through mastery of a new skill. The skill of being willing to see things differently. The skill of dismissing food thoughts that intrude your mind over and over again. Food freedom is actually a skill. Available to anyone willing to stay in the game, regardless of how many times you fall. Regardless of circumstances. Food freedom comes down to mental effort.

3. Staying in the conversation.

Food freedom is created by immersing ourselves in this understanding. Looking towards the principles behind the human experience and understanding at a deeper level how the mind actually works. Food freedom is created moment by moment by us being willing to step into our higher selves and not fall into the trap of the ego (aka the lower brain). Food freedom is created in the here and now through awareness and truly seeing our own thinking. Living mindfully and with presence. Staying in the conversation means deepening our understanding and grounding in the principles behind the creation of our experience.


This is how you create a life with food freedom.