How to Be Unstoppable

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How do you keep going even though you so badly wanna quit? How do you keep getting up when you fall?

The answer is simple. Because there’s no alternative.

Sometimes I wonder if the universe has a sense of humor because it sure feels like it. Every time I feel like I’m on top of life, something comes along to test that assumption. You were feeling all badass? Yeah. Let’s see how you handle this *insert all kinda crap*.

Obstacles. Obstacles. Obstacles.

People changing plans at the last minute. Kids getting sick. You have too much coffee in the afternoon so you can’t sleep, tossing and turning all night, meaning next day’s productivity is killed because you walk around like a freakin zombie (I love zombies but still…they are not productivity ninjas). Bills and more bills show up. More obstacles. And then the kids pass on the flu that evolves into a 16-day (and counting) melodrama. The To-Do list gets longer and longer so don’t get me started on that one. Oh, I almost forgot. Hormones. Yeah, those little suckers are in a league of their own. Taking the “obstacle” to the next level. Seriously universe? Was that really necessary?

Every time these obstacles arrive at my doorstep I face the same challenge. Do I get upset about it or do I take the high road? I’d say most of the time I get really angry, like latino-style angry. But then, when my suffering tags along as a sidekick to that anger, I wake up. I wake up because my suffering reminds me of what the wise Dr. Amy Johnson says, that “those feelings are kind reminders that your mind is busy. That’s all” Yes, that’s all. I know this. I honestly know this, but in the heat of the moment, I forget. Until I remember.

The thing is I’m human. That’s all. Having a human experience.

Dr. Amy Johnson talks about our human mind as a snowglobe that when it gets busy, the mind starts racing and the snowglobe gets shaken up and we can’t see clearly. My mind gets like that often, all shaken and cloudy and I can’t see. Then I remember that the only thing to do is nothing. There’s nothing I must do. No pressure to try to settle my mind. The mind clears up by itself, and the less we do, the less attention we give the swirling snow, the faster it’ll fall down, and the mind will be calm again. Ah! Peace. Life is good again.

This is the thing with obstacles.

They land in our lap and demand attention. Our job is to solve whatever needs to be addressed in a practical sense. Yeah, kids need nurturing. Yes, bills need my attention. Yes, mother, I promise I’ll call you back tomorrow and go through all the details for this years Christmas family dinner (what is it with mothers and having the need to know in advance the arrangements for every single upcoming event...even if it’s months away?). That’s about it. Our job is not to let it shake up our globe though. That’s all. And if it still does shake us up and the snow is swirling like crazy all around us, then our job is yet to do nothing.

Do nothing.

Just let it settle by itself. It’s not our job to interfere with the mind. It’s not our job to clean up the mess. There’s nothing we have to do here but take a deep breath and rest in the comfort that the mind will clear all by itself. The mind will settle down without us having to do anything.

Becoming unstoppable means that when we understand this, that the mind has a world of its own and can clear itself, then we can stop being preoccupied with whatever shook it up in the first place. We can keep doing what we are doing. We can keep moving towards where we wanna go. We can keep walking and not stop to try to fix whatever we perceive needs to be fixed because we know it’s self-regulating. The mind settles itself. Nothing is wrong. Nothing needs to be fixed.

Most of the obstacles we face are these kinda obstacles. Inner obstacles. And never the actual events. It’s us, getting in the way. It’s us trying to fix our minds. It’s like we’re standing in the middle of the snowglobe and we’re waving our arms frantically trying to get the snow to settle down. But we got it all wrong. If we would just leave it alone and calmly wait, it would settle pretty quickly.

If we would just not take it so seriously, it would settle pretty quickly.

If we would stop trying to figure out what “to do”, the snow would calmly fall to the ground, and we’d see clearly again. From a clear mind, we can see what needs to be done. We can see what direction to take. We can see that we’re ok. That we’re back feeling like ourselves again and that the snow was just a fleeting experience.

We can see that the obstacles were never actually there in the first place because from a peaceful mind we can see that we can figure it out. And when we see that we can figure something out then the problem doesn’t look like an obstacle any longer but merely an event. Another one of life’s events. We might find ourselves even enjoying these events in a way that we never thought was possible.

The alternative is not to get caught up in our snowglobe and fight with the imaginary snow storm happening inside our head.

The only sane alternative is to do nothing.

Let the snow settle and then keep focusing on the task at hand. With a clear mind you’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll see the next step. You’ll be unstoppable.



Unfuckwithable; (adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.