How to be successful at anything in life

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The road to success is paved with failure after failure. It’s a journey with blood, sweat, and tears. Success demands perseverance and a willingness to invite failure, doubt, and fear to the party.

There are no quick fixes. Period. Stop believing a unicorn will show up and make your journey fluffy and pink. Life doesn’t work that way. That’s only shit from fairy tales and it’s a ridiculous invention that the media created. Success demands that you leave yourself raw, naked and vulnerable and that you rise to the challenge.

If success, wealth and freedom would be easy then every single human being on this planet would be living in paradise. But we’re not. I believe, firmly, that we were put here on earth to LEARN. To grow. To be cracked wide open and to humbly walk through fear, pain, and suffering. So that we can know what true joy is. So that we can know what freedom feels. So that we can live with freedom.

There is no other way than to walk through. There is no escape.

“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.” –
Viktor Frankl

We have a choice. We can choose to stay in the belief that a quick fix will solve everything. We can choose to stay in that naïve and fake mindset and never ever change, keep struggling, keep obsessing, keep staying stuck…


We can choose to rise up. Choose to be a warrior and fight ourselves out of the mental terror we’re in. We can choose to see things differently and choose to do the work. Roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty. I see so many people not taking action. Being passive in their misery and not being willing to walk through fear. Not being willing to fight for their freedom. Expecting the transformation to be painless and as soon as a tiny obstacle or setback gets in the way they give up.

Don’t you dare give up.

Ya, hear me? Don’t you dare give up.

You can feel fear, doubt, pain. Allow the process to be hard. Allow the process to take time. Allow the transformation to take all you’ve got and more. Risk everything to get free, to live again. But don’t stop. On the other side of the hell you’re in there’s everything you ever wanted. Peace of mind. Freedom from the mental terror. There’s joy like you never thought was possible.

But you have to fight for it. You have to become a mind warrior and be brave. Brave enough to believe that success is possible. Brave enough to believe this is the ultimate mission and why you’re here on earth. This is your purpose. This is our purpose. Our collective purpose. To awaken to the fact that we’re on this journey called life and to awaken to the fact that success, freedom, peace of mind, comes with a price. The price is mental effort. The price of a willingness to keep on going even though your brain screams at you to “give up!!!”. The price of giving up a part of yourself that doesn’t serve you.

Let the process take all you’ve got. Let it challenge you like nothing ever before and by doing that allowing it to transform you at the core of your being.

Rise to the challenge.


“Let us too overcome all things, with our reward consisting not in any wreath or garland, not in trumpet-calls for silence for the ceremonial proclamation of our name, but in moral worth, in strength of spirit, in a peace that is won forever once in any contest fortune has been utterly defeated.”- Seneca

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