How to think and feel whatever you want

Pick Your Thought.png

This might be the most important life lesson. The moment you grasp this. The moment you understand the truth behind this, life expands in a way that is unimaginable.

Life begins.

Let’s dive in. 

You can think and feel however you want. Truth. Does that mean we can control our thoughts and feelings? Nope. This might be confusing at first but let’s break it down.

We have a gazillion thoughts running through our minds every single day. Can we control them or manage them? Hell no. Good luck with that. It’s a full-time job and it won’t get you anywhere. Some mindset gurus keep perpetuating the idea that you can ”control your thoughts”. So much crap. We can’t. Period. Stop the madness and let’s get real instead. Thoughts show up in our consciousness. A lot of the time it’s a bunch of habitual old crap that is regurgitated over and over again…but here and there we have brand new thoughts that we download from who knows where. 

Thoughts flow through us. 

Thoughts flow and change and the beauty of it all is that if we allow it, thoughts will create a magical life experience for us.

Thoughts create our reality.

Through the power of thought, our worlds come alive and we get to experience life in full color- with the full range of emotions. Pretty freaking awesome. The best part though is that we can choose what thoughts we wanna focus on.

Let me repeat that. We get to choose what thoughts we want to focus on.

While we have no say in what thoughts show up in our consciousness we do get to choose which thoughts we wanna pay attention to. Here is where our power lies. 

By becoming aware of our inner worlds, of what thoughts we’re having, and understanding the nature of thought, we open up for endless possibilities and new life experiences.

Life becomes a playground. A field that we enter with curiosity and playfulness. Life becomes an arena where we show up fully, fearlessly.

There’s nothing that’s not available to you. 

There’s no thought that you’re not allowed to have. You have the power to think whatever you want to ”think”. Whatever thought you choose to hold on to will be what you feel. 

You get to choose how you want to feel. 

Once we are open to see this deep truth then we can’t be stuck any longer. 

If we know that we can always choose new fresh thinking then we can’t stay stuck. We can’t be overwhelmed (I’m overwhelmed” is just a thought btw).

We can’t hold grudges. We can’t stay angry. We can’t stay depressed for long. We can’t suffer endlessly.

We get to move on. We get to create our own reality. We get to choose.

We shed the victim mindset and we step into our own power. We realize that as the spiritual teachers have been telling us for ages, that we create our own reality. In each and every moment.

We create our own realities.

We have a new choice to make in every new moment and we get to decide who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. Every single time. Now. And again, now. And now.

You get to choose what you think and feel.