5 Proven Methods to Calm a Racing Mind

Stop Thinking .png

The monkey mind or the constant mental chatter can drive us all insane. If you’re anything like me you’ve found yourself stuck in the land of thought and no matter where you go the inner monologue just follows you around.

It would be so easy if we could just push the mute button. Bliss in an instant. In the past, I used to mentally scream at the voice in my head ”shut the eff up!!!”. But it never would. On the contrary, the more I fought with it the stronger and louder it got.

Today I know better. It’s like my favorite saying ”Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. Exactly like that.

The question is though, what can we do when our minds are racing and we feel stuck in the quicksand of thought?

Here are my favorite methods for calming a racing mind.

1. Do Nothing

So simple yet this is the secret. You don’t have to do anything. Minds will quiet down if we let them. If we stop interfering. The key is to stop pouring more thinking into it. The less we do the faster it’ll calm and we’ll resurface quicker to a place of peace. Paradoxically doing nothing can be the hardest part. ”What do you mean not think more about my problems? If I’m not thinking about my problems constantly then how will they be solved?”. Yet when we stop chasing the answers that’s when they come. They will only show up with a calm mind. We can’t hear the answers because of all the noise. Do nothing. Step away from thinking. Let something else emerge, like peace.


2. Sleep

Old school tactic. Sleep on it. Sleeping is essential for the brain and sometimes that’s the only thing we need. Personally, I use this tactic often when my mind is all over the place. I rest. I lay down for a few minutes. I take a break. Sleeping and resting the brain is a miracle pill. Never underestimate the power of unplugging and resetting the software.

3. Meditate

Researched and backed by science again and again. Close your eyes and enter the operating system of the brain and breathe. Breathe to help the racing mind find focus. Give it a job that is structured and with intention and the mind will calm down quickly. Even a few minutes is immensely helpful. Don’t overcomplicate this one. Just close your eyes. Get in the habit of meditating at different times, in all kinds of environments. Focusing on the breath is one of those skills that will serve you in every aspect of your life.

4. Talk

Talk to someone. Or text message a friend. Just voice what you’re experiencing. Speaking about what is going on in our minds is so helpful and especially when the person on the receiving end can help us see our own thinking. This is where a coach comes in. A coach can help you navigate where you’re getting caught up in your own inner drama and walk you back to peace. A coach can show you where you went south where you should have gone north. Helping you fast track your inner transformation.

5. Play

Get creative. Allow playfulness to enter your mental space and allow for the creative powers from within emerge. Do something that makes you laugh out loud. Do something that you love doing. Playing can take many forms. It can be any activity that gives your joy or pleasure. When we’re fully immersed in any activity we lose track of time…and most importantly we lose track of who we are, of what we’re thinking and we connect with a place way deeper within. Home base. A place of peace and well being. The place within.