How mantras will unlock your potential and radically shift your thinking

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Are you showing up in life with full force or are you playing small?

Are your beliefs about yourself your body and your abilities holding you back? Maybe you feel that... Nah, I’m good. I already play big. This is not for me. Well, would you like to step up your game? Go from shining star to supernova? Amplify your inner light?

Keep reading to find out how a simple (and free!) tool can transform the way you think and live.

Whatever we tell ourselves, we start believing. Maybe not the first time or the second time around. But after a while, we start to believe every single thing we tell ourselves. I used to think positive and empowering mantras were ridiculous. Why repeat something in your head, that you absolutely don’t believe? And expect miracles to happen? Yeah, whatever. Give me something with credibility, please.

Oh, boy was I wrong. In the past year, I’ve played around with different mantras. The shift in my mindset and the impact it’s had in my life has been extraordinary. One of my main struggles was dealing with fear. Fear so strong it made me hold back. Hold back at work, in relationships, with friends and in enjoying life itself.

The spiritual teachers say there are only two emotions in life, fear and love. Fear shows up in many different forms but for me, a sign that I’m living in fear is all the suffering I’m experiencing. Life becomes hard (One more problem? I can’t handle it!). Life becomes a struggle (Angry with the kids? Yelling at your co-workers?). Life becomes a darker place, life is not lived with ease and flow.

Did you know that the brain can change itself with just mental exercises? Research shows that merely by thinking about something, like for example playing the piano, leads to a measurable, physical change in the brain (crazy, right?). Research also shows that thinking about thoughts in certain ways can restore mental health.

Here is where mantras come in.

In my lowest moments, I started simply with the mantra ”If others can do this, then so can I”. ”If others can figure this out, then so can I”. ”If others can find joy in every situation, then so can I”. ”If others can succeed, then so can I”. ”If others can see life through love, then so can I”. I just kept repeating these phrases, over and over, in my head.

Things started happening. The obstacle in my way was suddenly not as scary or as big, it was something I could figure out. I became solution oriented and felt a sense of hope. It gave me strength and my inner power grew stronger and stronger. My comfort zone got bigger. I even started going outside of it, testing new territory and taking a leap of faith here and there.

Whenever I feel fear, whenever I question my ability, or my confidence crumbles, I say ”If others can do this, then so can I”. Then I take a deep breath and keep up doing life. Kicking ass. Working hard. Playing big. Not holding back. Ever again.

And this is what I want for you.

To never hold back again. To show up. To step into your light.




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