3 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Set You up for Success

3 Goal Setting Strategies That Will Set You up for Success

Wanna smash your goals for the new year?

Ready to finally make your dreams come true? Have you planned out the whole year ahead of you and are ready to go?

Let me ask you one more thing. Have you done this before? The goal setting and planning thing. Has it ever worked out the way you planned it?

Me too.

What if we have it all backwards?

What if the last thing we need is a plan and a clear path ahead of us and instead we need to approach goals differently?

I believe you don’t need goals to have a  successful year.

I believe you don’t need a roadmap.

I believe you don’t need steps and items to take action on.

What I do believe though is that you can absolutely have all those things…but that they don’t matter unless you understand this.

You need to understand that the only thing you really ever need is a willingness to walk in the darkness.

That’s all my friend. As long as you’re willing to operate in the darkness and are willing to see things differently you’ve set yourself up for success.

Planning and perfectly outlined plans can feel like the safe thing to do in the moment. Especially when we’re scared and overwhelmed by all the things we believe we need to do to get where we wanna be. Steps, plans, roadmaps are illusions and at best a guess at how life will play out. But looking back, has life ever unfolded as you planned it?

Me too.

The biggest secret to achieving your goals and dreams is this:

Get comfortable with operating in the darkness.

Yeah. That’s about it.

Nothing wrong with setting goals and writing down a plan with action steps. Personally, I love writing down what I’d like to achieve and play with the idea of how the steps to get there would look like. But I leave it at that. Because what happens, every single time is that life does what life does.

Meaning, life has always, without exception, other plans for me. Looking back, every single time life did what life did anyway, regardless of my little goal planning. And here’s the cool thing, life’s plans are always way better than my own. Life will take me to unexpected situations, put people in front of me that I never thought I’d meet and give me experiences that are both amazing and devastating.

Things my imagination could never come up with.

Something my mentor Dr. Amy Johnson keeps showing me is to get out of the way. Get out of the way of life’s plans for you, she reminds me. Sometimes I allow life to show the way and when I do, I often experience a strong sense of purpose and flow. Life happens and all is as it should be. Life feels easy and opportunities come my way. But then there I go and get in the way. I micro-manage life and try to push my way or the highway with life. I write down the exact steps on how something is gonna happen for me. I write down specific goals. I work hard to smash them and I hustle. So much hustle. Everything and everyone (read three kids, work, hubby and my mother gets in the way). Life’s hard! I struggle.

We need to get out of the way.


Instead of setting goals let me invite you to try this:

1.       Show up with curiosity. What if life has bigger plans for you and you’re missing out because you think you know better? What if by dropping all you think you know about how things should be run, you let go a bit and see what happens? What if the right people and right opportunities will come by themselves if you just show up and be curious.

2.       Give it your ALL – go full in. Play the game of life with all you’ve got. Don’t hold back. Whatever is in front of you have fun with it and immerse yourself in the present moment. Give life your all.

3.       Let wisdom show you the way. Get comfortable with saying “I have no clue how to do this”…and then wait for wisdom to show you how to do it. The answers usually come when we need them. Not before. Not when we’ve written down what needs to be done and set a plan of how things should be. They come through action. Through walking in the darkness.

Stop trying to control the outcome.

When you simply look for what’s in front of you, you see what is there. You see opportunities. You see possibilities. You get to experience amazing miracles and things you could never ever have expected.

You get to be blown away by life and the things it has in store for you.

You get to live with ease instead of living with struggle.

You get to appreciate the situations and people around you.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating life’s power to bring you success. I’m not, by any mean, implying that you should “settle” and stop pursuing your dreams. On the contrary. Don’t get me wrong here.

What I’m saying is that if you show up open and willing and give life your all, without any attachment to the outcomes, life will not only show you success but it will smash your expectations.

Be ready.

Be willing.

Kick ass.