Following your Intuition

Following your intuition

Follow the signs

Your life is a reflection of who you are. Want it or not that’s the way it is and you might resist it but truth will always point you towards this fact.
Life is as you are.

But life also shows you the way. The wisdom of life will always point you in the right direction. It leaves you signs. Your only job is to follow the signs.
Follow the signs.

Every single day you get the option to try to “make” all the decisions and figure it out on your own or follow the signs. I know it might sound crazy to you now and I know it might scare you but I can’t stress this enough. Let wisdom show you the way. Trust implicitly in the signs that are being left for you and trust that it’s in your best interest.
You do not have to figure it out. It’s not your job.
Your job is to follow the signs.

Let’s back up a bit here.

What if life is a big simulation? A matrix of sorts and it’s all a game. It’s the ultimate game and it feels incredibly real and even the thought of it being a game feels impossible. So you can’t comprehend that concept. But nevertheless, it’s a game. The game called life. Or “The human experience.” And you’re invited to play it. Rule number one is to play the game and enjoy it. Live life fully in other words. Enjoy the heck out of every experience. Yes, even the horrible ones. But also the life-altering ones. Your only job is to follow the signs, and by doing so, you’re following how the game was laid out for you to have the most amazing experience.

But then there you are, refusing to follow those signs. Instead, you take life seriously and you stay safe in your corner of this theme park. You ignore the signs and instead you “play it safe” and you think you know what’s best for you and therefore you end up in back alleys and dark corners where you’re not meant to be. You keep knocking on doors that are not yours to open and you keep pushing buttons that create noise that you hate.
Stop it.

Just back off a bit and look at the whole picture. You are in a simulation and you are actually creating this whole experience yourself.

How? You might ask.

With your Mind. The game is played through the power of your own mind and you create your world without, through you first creating it in your world within. That’s the whole secret. You’re welcome.

Now, the crux is to get really good at the mind-stuff. And here’s where most people are lazy and can’t be bothered. “I don’t have time for mind stuff! I’m busy hustling over here and DOING stuff, not just thinking about doing stuff”. Well, by all means. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep trying to achieve your goals and dreams by pushing through. Working even harder and DOING. And good luck with that.

Or, you can pause for a second and invite in the idea that you got it all wrong. That you’ve misunderstood the game of life and all you had to do was follow the signs. That by following wisdom and the signs that are laid out for you. Then you’d be led to what you at first believed was impossible for you. Mind-blowing stuff. The stuff from fairy tales. Magic.

Wisdom shows you the way.

It has always been showing the way and sometimes in your life you might have listened. You might have followed your intuition or a hunch, and even though you were not sure if it was the right move you did it anyway. Because you knew that deep down it kinda felt right. As if you were guided towards it. Maybe it was when you fell in love. Or when you quit your job. Or when you suddenly turned right instead of left and that simple decision altered the course of your life, forever.

Wisdom leaves clues. Be open and willing to see things differently. Be open to trusting that you’re being guided. Be open to walk into the unknown and let wisdom surprise you. Be humble enough to admit that you, yourself, are utterly clueless but that the signs will show you the next step.

Follow the signs. And let your mind be blown by what’s waiting for you.