There’s nothing you must do

make wisdom great again

We're gonna make Amy Johnson’s book, “The little book of Big Change” huge. All the other books are fake. Believe me.

There’s nothing little about this book. In any form. This book is big, terrific if I may say so, and transcends its size in any way imaginable. Amy manages to convey a message, so simple yet so life changing that it has the power to catapult you out of your head-deep-down-in-the-Ben & Jerry-treasure-vault.

Amy calls it the no-willpower approach to change your life. But she is wrong about that. She's so modest in her writing and doesn’t try to sell you anything. She’s gently pointing you in another direction. But her book is not just a ”no willpower approach to change your life.” It should say ”The Greatest Badassest Book of it's gonna be Huge Change - I have the best way to change everything about you and your life, and everyone knows I'm right.” Ok, maybe that was a little over the top but it’s close to the truth.

You have a habit that is ruining your life. SAD! It doesn’t matter what kind of habit it is. It can be the habit of worrying, the habit of biting your nails or the habit of overeating. Amy suggests your habit might be a gift that will someday far outweigh the negative impact it had. I’d take this a step further and say that your habit is actually THE best thing that has ever happened to you. Your habit is trying to teach you something about yourself. Your truth. When you get to see that it was the best gift life could ever give you, then you better do THE David Brent Dance all over the place. Because nothing can beat that.

There’s nothing you must do.

Our innate health is covered, Amy writes. You were meant to thrive and feel good. You have no job here. It's taken care of already. Because we were healthy all along.

All the self-help books, pointing out how everything is wrong with you, how broken you are, how your past has made you who you are today, for better and for worse, and that it will take a massive amount of work to get it out of your system, all the years in therapy, all this time trying to figure out the deep reason we’re so messed up and a non-functioning human race? Yeah, Amy breaks it down to one sentence.

”It’s just a misunderstanding.”

(I soooo wanted to write “fake news” here, but held back.)

Because the force of creation, aka wisdom, got your health covered and it has your back. You are healthy, you’re totally fine. Beneath the thought bubble of worry, compulsion and confusion that fogs your mind and messes with your perception of reality, you’re totally a-ok. Because you’re a human being full of common sense and health. So we’ve been a bunch of hypochondriacs? Sort of. Ok, I can hear ya’ll going all batshit cray on this now. We’re not healthy! We’ve been depressed all our lives! We’ve had panic attacks for ever and ever. We’re anxious people by nature. We’re addicts! Blah, blah, blah…yeah, I thought so too but guess what? We were wrooooooong. I know, reality is a downer. But we're grownups, remember?

Amy points to our innate wisdom. ”The only thing in the way of peace of mind is thought" she says. "The river of thought is always flowing and new thought is always possible in any moment”. Sit with that for a minute. Or an hour. Or until it "clicks".

New thought is possible in any moment.

In any moment, no matter what the circumstances, no matter your state of mind, you can wait for the next thought if you don’t like the one passing through in this moment. Like when we watch TV and the commercial comes through and annoys the hell out of you, you simply wait until it passes, like a good girl, and then (finally!) The Real Housewives can start playing again (not that I would ever watch that sort of stuff because I’m a total dork and only watch Fantasy & Sci-Fi).

The point is though, that old thoughts are constantly being washed away and replaced with billions and billions of new thoughts. We can either jump on a thought, grab onto it and try to hold on to it for dear life, as our truth, or we can let thoughts go and simply let them flow through us.

Release and let it go. It’s safe to let it go. Let that shit go.

Your habit is created by thought. By thinking. Stop getting involved in your thinking, Amy writes. Easier said than done but it’s the simple truth. In the end, it’s all about how much there’s on your mind. About seeing that the more thought, the less clarity we have in the moment. Let thoughts settle down and peace arises, all by its own. And then you’ll be able to hear your own wisdom. And wisdom will show you the way.

Amy writes that wisdom informs us in simple and ordinary ways. Wisdom is always yours for the taking. It’s just that a head full of thought makes it harder to see. So in other words, slow down. Take a deep breath. Let your own wisdom lead you out of your own thinking, out of the cookie jar, out of your own misery. And let it point you towards your truth. That you were healthy and fine all along.

Wisdom first.



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