Power of the Pause

Don't Hit Send mindfulness

Don’t hit send.

Really. Trust me on this one. I know you really wanna. I know you feel like “if I don’t, I’ll explode”, but trust me on this one. Don’t hit send. Sleep on it. Take three deep breaths and take a chill pill. Step away from the keyboard. Hit Pause.

Sometimes the answer is simple.

Because of that, we find ourselves refusing to accept it. It can’t be easy, can it? Then it’s not the real deal. We need to struggle to feel like we got results. Getting results the easy way is cheating. We all know that. The same thing applies to the practice of mindfulness. Why bother with practicing paying attention to your breath? It's a seemingly pointless activity while I’m over here about to hit send. Sitting down and breathing is for lazy people (and for those that use crystals. Yeah. We all know what that means). I know your life is busy. I’m very busy, you say. Like super uber very busy, and add important here too, and I got no time for sitting down and breathing.

I was in your shoes too.

I hear ya. For the longest time, I hit send. Every single time. Walked by the bakery and saw a brownie sitting there all alone? I’d hit send. My mom commenting on the mess in my kid's closets, I’d definitely hit send. My coworker asking for the gazillionth time how to find the project file we’ve been working on since the prehistoric era. Yup. Hit send like a mofo. And don’t get me started on my husband leaving his socks all over our home. Hit send. Hit send. Hit send. Hiiiiiiit send!!! *insert infinity symbol here*

So yeah my friend. I know.

But then mindfulness happened.

The most tedious and nagging little activity. And it’s mostly Rick Hanson's fault. I stumbled upon his meditations through the Mindfulness App. By some weird reason, he caught my attention. Maybe it was his soothing voice. Maybe it was because his meditations are weird. He get’s you to add layers to your breathing and adding a watcher, watching you breathe. And then add another watcher, watching your first watcher, watching you, watching how well you watch your inner watcher watching your breath. Whoah cowboy! Hold ya horses! Totally weird, right? To say you're exhausted after his meditations is an understatement. Like a hard workout. Maybe that’s why I fell for them. Maybe that's why I love them. I must admit he got me a little hooked and I started listening to his meditations more and more often. And I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed in ages. That I started hitting send less often. Say what? It took me a while to see the connection. How could a little mindfulness meditation make me hesitate before hitting send on all the lonely Oreo’s? Then I saw it.

The power of the pause.

I realize that I’m kinda late to the party and the Buddhists teachers have been jabbing about this for ages, but OMG. Really? Practicing the art of paying attention, even for a few minutes a day, has huge implications. It should come with a warning text and disclaimer. Side effects of practicing mindfulness: you’ll suffer from time distortion, and you might find yourself in a place where you’re pausing before hitting send.

Having the ability to pause, before reacting, before answering, before hitting send, changes everything.

Think about the implications if the whole world practiced mindfulness? Even if just one single person did it, before hitting send (not naming any names here but dude, seriously. Don’t hit send on that tweet. Trust me here).

But back to you, dear reader. What if you had the ability to hesitate, even for a tiny second, before you hit send on those donuts? What do you think would happen? Endless possibilities arise here. Let your imagination go cray here. With just one second you might create a radically different outcome for yourself. And if you do it once, then maybe you’ll be able to expand that second to two seconds next time. Sit with that. Two full seconds to pause, before you stuff your face. Yeah. Mind blowing right? Told ya. Mindfulness can do that to you. Rick Hanson can do that to you. Now let’s imagine you can stop time altogether. Creating a vast field of pause before you hit send.

Every single time.

Powerful stuff.



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