How to shape shift. On change and eternal possibilities

Permission to change

Why is change so hard? Why do we resist change? Our identity is linked to what we believe about ourselves. What if we didn’t have any attachments towards our identity? Who would we be?

You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were yesterday.

The good thing about the past is that it is over (high five on that one!) and all you have is the now. Why am I reliving the past then? Being the same person, over and over again?

The question is to be or not to be.

As a fantasy fan that I am, I love reading books about shapeshifting. People shifting from man to animal form, or shifting to any other form that suits the occasion. Like Mercy Thompson in the books by Patricia Briggs. Mercy is a badass mechanic who shifts into a coyote at will. How awesome is that?

What if we could shape shift like that as well? We feel an obligation to keep being the same person we were yesterday. What will people say if I suddenly change style? (Ok, maybe changing to a coyote would be kinda awkward, but you get the point). What will people say if I suddenly walk around being all happy and carefree, instead of angry and grumpy? How disappointing! Who do I think I am not holding on to my old self? Who do I think I am, trying to be different? Trying to change? I might change the whole order of the universe if I change. Better stay the same. I don’t want to disturb the order of things. You never know what might happen if you change.

Stranger things

...have happened before. Yeah, like the ”parallel universe” theory. According to the theory, there's an actual possibility that many other versions of ”you” are living in parallel universes. Every single decision you make, in every moment of your life, creates a new version of you. Every to be or not to be is creating a ”split” of your Self, an infinite number of your future selves. Why not take advantage of that and shift into other possible versions of you?

What holds you back?

13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang happened, and the universe started expanding and growing. What if we are meant to follow along in the expansion? In the growing?

It’s intriguing how much we cling to the idea of our self, our personality. It’s precious. Even if we don’t like ourselves very much, the idea of becoming somebody else, or something else, like a coyote, is beyond our perception of reality.

And why would we even want to change? We’re all fine over here with our old familiar problems. Yes, they might be holding us back. Yes, they might be keeping us stuck. Yes, they might be ruining our relationships. But dammit if I’ll let go of parts of who I am.

But the question remains. Who am I anyway?

Really. Who am I? Does it matter? Kids never seem to think about this. They simply ARE and shift shape without regard for what anybody else thinks. They are completely free and try on different ways of being all the time. They even hop onto parallel universes without warning. Super happy one second, a complete meltdown a la gremlin style the next second. Kids go with what feels right in the moment. They allow a shift to happen. Never judging or questioning themselves. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong, of being a bad person or a good one. It has all to do with being free and expressing themselves. Being creative and letting their creative force go uncensored. Kids have permission to shift. To change. To grow. We never question their worth because of it. We don’t feel the need to tell them ”You have to stay as you are, you should accept yourself as you are right now. This is who you are and that’s ok”. That would be totally weird and go against common sense.

But what if our nature is to grow, to change, to shift?

What if we are meant to shift? It has nothing to do with accepting and loving who we are. Let’s not mix things up here. Who we are, our inner beings, are never in question here. We are talking about how we express ourselves in the world. Our physical, mental and emotional expression. How we express ourselves with our words. We put ourselves in little boxes with labels, and we stay inside that box for the longest time. Even if it doesn’t serve us, or the world.

Giving ourselves permission to change is an act of rebellion. ”To be or not to be.” It takes courage to change. To let go of who we think we are. To jump to a parallel universe. The people around us might feel like their whole world start tilting. They might protest. Why you changing?! I don’t know you anymore. Who are you?

Who am I? What if we don’t have to answer that? You don’t have to ask for permission to change. What if we can be everything and anything? What if we can try different shapes and be curious about what that might bring into our world? And still shift from that universe to another one, without thinking twice? Maybe we should stop second guessing our decisions and let go of the idea of self. What would that mean? Letting go of your Self. Give yourself permission to shift. To grow. To change.

Give yourself a way out of your old self.

Permission granted to shape shift.




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