Food, a love story


For all the times that you rain on my parade.

Here’s some tough love. Food doesn’t love you. There, I said it.

But, you protest, food is my best friend! When everyone is mean to me, food holds my hand. When life doesn’t go my way, food makes everything better. When I feel lonely, food keeps me company. Food loves me. Well, let me give you a reality check here my friend. Food loves you? Yeah. Not really.

For most of us, food has some kind of emotional connection.

Through life, especially when we were kids, things started getting mixed up. For some of us it all ended up terribly wrong. In a big mess actually, if truth be told. Affection, love and comfort got all mixed up with food.

If you haven’t noticed yet, almost every social situation is around food. We gather at celebrations, big events, funerals, you name it. To feel. And to eat. So it’s understandable that we get all mixed up when it comes to food. Food loves me. It’s what it boils down to. To walk away from food can be emotionally painful. To cut those emotional ties that is. To let go of the idea that food loves us.

Like our favorite toy when we were kids. Leaving that toy behind was painful. That toy meant everything, right? And the same applies to food. Food loves me. The thing is, that as ridiculous as it may sound, we do really feel as if that’s the truth. Food loves me. So we cling to food. We bond with food. ”Food will be sad if I leave it. Food will be angry if I don’t eat it up. Food might leave me if I don’t hold on to it. Food will reject me if I don’t eat it. Food will love me if I eat it”.

If this does not resonate with you at all, let me say something to you. Take a deep breath and look within. You might be surprised by the attachment you have to food. Go on a road trip back memory lane to your childhood. Any food that your mom always made that you loved? Any other food that you always had, that made everything better? Yeah? Found it? Told ya.

Food loves me. I can’t break up with it. Food will be sad. All alone.

I’ve found that it takes more than “to just quit food”, to cut the emotional attachment. Sometimes we need to dig deeper and really open up the strong emotional connection that is underneath it all. Food loves me. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m even typing that. But it’s a sad reality.

A starting point is to see that we are grownups now. Don’t need no teddy bear anymore. I think I can live my life and be all ok without it. A love affair has come to an end, and it’s time to let it go.

Looking back we come to see that our relationship was a ”telenovela” with too many characters and twisted plots. We could never keep up with the story. Which food? Why? I thought we were an item! But then, no, apparently not *cue in the uncontrollable sobbing*. You betrayed me! You made me feel like crap *more tears*. Emotional rollercoaster. You love me? No?  I’m leaving! *Here comes the ugly sobs* I thought we were meant to be. For like ever…

Well, wake up call here. You’re caught up in your own drama.

Whenever we experience drama around food. Take a deep breath and ask, what story am I telling myself here? A love and hate relationship? A love story? With food? Yawn. Repeat after me. Food doesn’t love me. It can’t, even if it tried. It’s just food, baby.

I wish somebody would have enlightened me as a kid. Food can’t love you. Ever.

If you still think that no, food gives me so much joy and love, then why don’t ya go a little Byron Katie on food and ask, “Is it true?”. Close your eyes. Say to yourself, ”Food loves me”. Is it true? How do you know it’s true? Write it down and go full frontal on it.

Insert the tunes of the old Oasis song ”Wonderwall”, ”I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now”. Except food doesn’t care.

To help you out I wrote an email script for ya. It’s 2017 you know and in these new modern times breaking up with someone through text is totally cool. Copy & Paste and hit send. You’re welcome.


Hello. It’s me,

You must not know 'bout me. You think I'm crying on my own. Well, I ain’t. Hate to turn up out of the blue all uninvited but I couldn’t fight it. There’s such a difference between us. When I call, you never seem to be home. As painful that this might be for you, I have to let you go. I’ve been living a lie all this time. I was under the impression that we were meant for each other. I used to live alone before I knew ya. But at some point, I let you in and here we are. At a crossroads. There was a time where I felt we were in sync. I’m not the same person anymore. I see that know. And it pains me that I held onto you for this long. Expecting something from you that you never were able to give me. I’m doin my own little thing now. You think you broke my heart. I can care less what you think. Life do us part. It starts now. Right here. I could have another you in a minute. You will never love me. And you never have. At least I can say that I’ve tried. It’s time to let you go.

And, baby, I be movin' on.

Xo, me


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