5 ways the book Brain over Binge will change your life

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You wanna know the easiest and cheapest way to food freedom? Keep reading to find out.


“Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep; for your habits and character will be as much influenced by the former as the latter.”

― Paxton Hood


If you are not familiar with Kathryn Hansen’s fantastic book ”Brain over Binge”, I highly recommend you grab a copy.


Dig into it as soon as possible. It is seriously life changing. In her book, Kathryn tells her story of how she struggled with food for years and how she recovered from one day to the other. Just like that.

The question that arises is if we really can heal ourselves so quickly? How is that even possible? Can we walk away from our struggles in just an instant? Can it be that simple? Apparently yes.

I remember understanding the concept she teaches on an intellectual level. I couldn’t get it to work on a daily life basis though. I was so frustrated. I knew it was possible to walk away from the struggle with food, as Kathryn so miraculously had done. But I couldn’t figure it out.

I kept practicing and practicing and practicing. Day in and day out. I wouldn’t give up. I tried all different kinds of tools and tricks, from meditation to essential oils.

I started to find tools that seemed to work. I tried different guided meditations. Some of those helped me see and understand what I needed to see on a deeper level. Then one day I came across another book that would forever change my life as well. The Little book of Big Change by Amy Johnson. That book is another blog post by itself because it is that awesome. But let me just say that everything fell into place that day. It all came together and it finally clicked. I had cracked the code to life with food freedom. I knew it the moment it happened.

The insight was not huge but big enough to shift something deep within me. And that was it, I had seen it. I couldn’t possibly go back to the habit of overeating, ever again.

So, without much further ado.


5 ways the book Brain over Binge will change your life

  1. It will blow your mind and give you so much HOPE. Simply knowing that Kathryn did it and that so many people that have read her book have done it, will infuse you with hope. And feeling hope is healing. Because when you are struggling and feeling doomed to a life where food controls you, having hope is everything. It's that little ray of light shining through a small crack to your soul. It means so much. It’s all we need to take a leap of faith. That maybe, this is for us as well.

  2. It will show you that walking away from the battle with food, in whatever form it takes, is totally DOABLE. Kathryn crushes the idea that you are a food addict, a victim to your brain wiring or the idea that something is wrong with you. She demystifies the whole process of rewiring your brain and shows you how simple it actually is. That you are healthy and fine. That you don’t need to fix anything or become a better person. You just need to understand that you had the power all along and then use it to change the habit. I told you, life changing.

  3. It will teach you how to rewire your brain in simple steps. A tool that can be used in many other areas of your life as well. Once you master the technique you can apply it to other habits as well. I didn’t really expect this and it’s nothing I think Kathryn really mentions in her book. But mastering your brain has all these awesome side effects. Life becomes a playground where you can change with ease and flow and go after any goals you might have in life. How cool is that?

  4. It will get you out of the food restriction mentality (never jump on a diet again, yay!) It took me so long to trust this part. What do you mean, never diet again? How does a life without diets even look like? In the absence of the pull of food, there is no need for restricting your food. AHA-moment here. I still have to pinch myself sometimes just to check if my life is real and not a dream. Can I really eat a cookie, savor it like a mad woman, and then that’s it? Who am I? It’s so surreal. Life with food freedom is good. No, it's better than good, it's magical.

  5. It will help you see that your problem, is just a habit. A habit that you can quit once and for all, just by reading the book, just like that. Yup. Walk away from it all. See it, get over it, move on with your life. Like a badass. With bigger goals to slay. With bigger dreams to manifest.




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