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Have more breakthroughs and less breakdowns


You’re here right now because you know you’re meant for more.

Running at full speed? Yup. But you can't seem to break through the inner glass ceiling to get to the next level. As a high performer you know you have more capacity but you can't seem to tap into it.

You’ve tried everything...

...seminars on goal setting

...upping your productivity tools

...breaking a big goal into small actionable steps

But you're not getting near where you wanna be and you’re still lost in what the next step is.

You want a breakthrough. You really do.

You’ve heard about mindfulness and consciousness but aren’t really sure how to apply it in a practical way. "Staying in the present moment" sounds great but how on earth does that help in achieving the impossible?

Binge watching self-help YouTube videos hasn't worked, neither has reading all the books on personal growth. You've tried crystals, healing and all the woo-woo stuff too. But still...same old you.

Not crushing it. Not living up to your potential.

So how do you rise faster and get up quickly when you’ve fallen down? How do you become truly unstoppable?

But most important of all.

How on earth do you break through the inner glass ceiling that’s holding you back?

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Hello, friend! I'm Fernanda

I won’t tell you the answers and steps to reach your goals and dreams (because I don’t have them), however, I’ll show you where to look instead.

I have two master’s degrees (An MBA and a Masters in Dance) so I’d say I qualify as a high performer. With a career in the financial markets, managing a billion dollar portfolio, I understand high pressure and a stressful environment.

Having a background as a professional dancer (both a nerd and a creative!) and having received Sweden’s biggest scholarship for young dancers I also have extensive experience in performing at the highest level.

If you’re looking for someone who’ll challenge you to shift your mindset around what you believe is possible, you’re in the right place.


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